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  1. I think we're using different definitions of "full file review" - I don't mean a file review that includes looking at MCAT scores competitively or looking at grade trends etc. I purely mean a full review of non-academic entries we put (i.e. the calculation of an NAQ score for each applicant itself). I had previously (mistakenly) thought that they don't even bother reviewing your ECs if they didn't feel like it was worth it, but I was wrong (I believe) - if I'm not mistaken, it's basically if you meet the minimums then they'll "go through the trouble" of evaluating your ECs to give you an NAQ score
  2. Weird flex but yeah I submitted my app the day it opened actually (I had the stuff pre-written in a Word doc lol). Yeah I met both GPA and MCAT cutoffs so. And okay yeah good to hear I didn't realize that's how it was - I thought a full file review was reserved for applicants who seemed like they have a shot at a quick 5-min first glance or something (like checking GPA + lightly skimming ECs and then if they think youre a flop they just toss you out but if they think you're on the edge or above the edge then they do a full file review). That's great that they give a full file review to anyone who meets cutoffs though!
  3. You should reach out to @MCattt who recently made a post offering EC description help
  4. Title says it all; if I know that a verifier has been contacted (via them telling me lol), does that mean I'm receiving a full file review?
  5. Yes go ahead and change the dates. I highly doubt they keep applications, but if they do, then they'll ask you about the discrepancy and you'd be given a chance to clarify
  6. @frenchpress obviously you aren't on the adcoms or anything but just wanted to ask you a question...so in my first year I did 18-credit semesters and a summer class, in my second year I did 15-credit semesters and a summer class, in my third year I did 15-credit semesters and a summer class, and now in my fourth year I wanted to take a bit of a break (also because there's literally not enough degree-based classes left for me to take, even as electives, that wouldn't be random first-year ones lol). So, right now I'm in my fourth year doing 10-credit semesters (13-credit semesters if you count the credits I get for doing an Honours thesis). My question to you is: since none of my semesters were actually part-time, where on the UBC med application would I explain my situation regarding my fourth year (I've already submitted my app so this question is asked assuming I don't get in this year, which is always good to plan for in this process)? Basically Im just gonna explain how I'm going ham on ECs this year alongside juggling an Honours thesis, which should be enough (imo) to explain away the fact that I'm taking less-than-15-credits-per-semester this year
  7. Sorry mate no clue! I'm honed in on UBC that's the med school I really want to go to, it's the only one I'm applying to (this cycle, at least?). Maybe someone else can pitch in with OMSAS knowledge
  8. My opinion is don't double-list. Serves a double purpose: 1) as you noted, double-listing of activities across sections isn't good, 2) avoiding double-listing means you get to have one more award on your app that wouldn't have been on there otherwise - potentially a bit more points (or fraction of a point who knows) that gets added on to your NAQ score
  9. Word for the wise - I can't help with some of your questions since idk about those majors, but I will say that make sure you select a major that leads to some sort of other employment and that you also enjoy. Getting into med isn't guaranteed (but hopefully we all do!). Don't pick a major with the only thing in mind being med. For example I did a couple years of Biochem at my uni, but I realized it's not super employable (at least not in a field I want to work in, I dont want to work in pharmaceutical companies or anything), so I switched to Psyc and would pursue clinical psychology or counselling if the med dream doesn't work out b/c I still want to be treating patients in some capacity
  10. Ohhh nicenicenice and okay for sure! Well here's some concrete general tips I followed as a result of scouring these forums and also having people edit mine Also take it w a grain of salt I'm freestyling rn if you want a couple concrete examples of actual entries that I submitted then DM me - details: putting in numbers in your entry (ex. I tutored students vs I tutored 15 students) will help showcase what you did better - character count: 350 is a very small number, so I tried to generally do 1st sentence general aim of the work (ex. I worked to improve the grades of 15 chemistry students blah blah), 2nd sentence how you did that aim (ex. Tutoring sessions consisted of working through problems together etc), and 3rd sentence outcome (ex. Each student's grades improved by 20% as a result) - what entries should I put? = EVERYTHING! things that might seem normal to your life could actually be a very illuminating NAQ entry. For example, are you a member (follower? idk the right term lol even though I am one) of a religion? Do you have kids/younger siblings/cousins you cared for? Did you travel to France for 6 months and stopped a man from robbing a poor old lady on the plane? (Lol you get the point) - embellish? = might be controversial but my opinion is a strong no, I used to think embellishing would be a good tactic but honestly if you're giving enough detail about yourself and your experiences then it'll already be so good of an NAQ section, no need to act like you did more work than you actually did - verbs = vary them up a bit but not to a huge level; for example I was guilty of starting like five entries with "I worked to" so I changed it up (or changed the sentence structure) to stuff like "In collaboration with 12 undergraduates, I strove to" etc - adverbs = can be hit or miss, it won't work for all entries but I would put a couple in here and there for flavour, not at the expense of character count tho only if you have like 10-12 characters free after writing an entry and want to throw a word in - review my entries? = YES YES YES my submitted application versus my first drafts back in April/May is like night and day, you want to reread each entry plenty of times you'll catch so many things you think could be said better - full sentences? = imo, yes - but UBC does have an Admissions Blog post saying it's okay to not. I just like how it flows better with full sentences
  11. Hey palmtrees, quick word of advice to delete your real name (which I won't repeat in this post) from your post - just safer/more advisable to not have any identifying info. Love your username though I can't believe no one took it before I'm a fellow applicant and just sent in my first ever application, so I'm probably not who you're looking for when it comes to NAQ advice, but I will quickly remind you (since you said you're doing your first year MSc right now?) that to enter into UBC med (should one be offered admission), you have to be done your graduate degree by July 31 of the year you will start med (so for this cycle, July 31 2021). Unless I misunderstood your post or if you're going to be really plowing through this MSc (both of which are possible and my bad if so!), I don't know if any MSc being started right now can be finished that fast?
  12. I think this year we'll be hearing back during the week of Dec7 to Dec11 sometime in there, though I'm not sure if the timeline for admissions decisions will be changed at all due to COVID. They've already changed the application and MCAT deadlines as a result of the pandemic and its effects, but if everything stays the same as last year's timeline from here on in then it'll be in that first full week of December
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