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  1. Hey no don't say that! I know it seemed like forever but you defo earned that acceptance and it should've came a couple years earlier. Just really bad luck. But thank you for the encouraging and supportive words man
  2. Aight that's calm thanks my g. And good luck on your applications this cycle (and future ones too but hopefully this is the only cycle)! 88 average as a minimum is a bit of a mad ting so fair play good on you
  3. Hey all so quick question for those more familiar with the admissions process (this is my first year applying and I've been trying my absolute best to understand everything there is to understand - typical premed attitude lol) Also yes ik this only matters post-interview b/c pre-interview only the actual GPA score matters! So I got bodied by Ochem 1 and Ochem 2 (C and D respectively). How would this reflect on my application? I've heard ochem gets used to basically weed out applicants due to the difficult nature of the subject material. I understand that UBC will look to other aspects of my application (ex. MCAT) in the post-interview file review to see if I have shown strength in the typical premed categories, but I didn't exactly blow the Chem/Phys nor the Bio/Biochem sections of the MCAT out of the water either (127 and 126 respectively). Extra context: in all other chemistry, biology, and biochemistry courses, my lowest grade has been an A- (82 on the UBC GPA conversion scale), and it was only one course at that. All others have been A+ or A. Hopefully this works in my favour but not sure since it doesnt exactly show I had strength in ochem per se? (Which I've never really been strong in, but I would bank on myself to get A- or higher in both Ochem1 and Ochem2 if I were to re-take). I also have the biggest turnaround since the Cavs were down 3-1 working in my favour for grade trends (82.00% average across my first 2 yrs but 94.20% for third year (excluding COVID semester and including COVID semester); haven't started fourth year yet). I have an email reply from UBC admissions from last yr saved somewhere in my inbox explicitly saying they look down on applicants re-taking courses, so I won't be re-taking Ochem1 nor 2. Is it a case of needing to re-take my MCAT? I got a decent overall score (512 due to a 128 CARS and 131 Psych) but choked the Chem/Phys and Bio/Biochem sections on test day (I had never scored below 128 and 127 respectively on these sections in my practice tests).
  4. Hi @Fast_Layne I'm not sure if it's just my computer or something but I believe that the Blog post you're referring to hasn't actually been linked alongside your forum reply
  5. Agree wholeheartedly with Frenchie De Jong (jk but if you get that reference then you're a legend). Although in theory the next two application cycles might have some lesser-calibre-NAQ levels from younger applicants due to their inability to participate in some more meaningful activities due to COVID, but then again that's just a thought and not confirmed. I was careful to use the term "all but guaranteed" an interview if you were IP because you do truly never know. Throwing in some hobbies if you have the space will certainly not hurt. Even things such as being part of a religion can speak to the type of person you are
  6. I'm sure the 150 people who have seen this post already have all gone through the following sequence of events - click on post - skim NAQs - click off because they're so good and you have nothing to worry about The proof is given to you directly by UBC! Your present NAQs already land you in the 75th to 100th percentile. As an IP, you are all but guaranteed an interview with your stats. My only advice as a fellow applicant is just make sure you really write your entries really well (although this will only be a few tweaks, if any, compared to your previous application) and if you have space to have a couple entries highlighting some hobbies/other things you do on the side that are unique. For example, are you big on painting? Working on fixing cars? Etc. Although with all that you've done in your life so far, I'd be surprised if you even had time to take a 10 second break. Well done and good luck! I'm sure it will go well Sadly idk of any professional counseling, though I'm sure if it did exist it would be booked up months in advance full of hopeful premeds. Perhaps speaking to successful applicants would be a resource to explore (i.e. just through these forums). Of course you would need to get a large enough "sample size" but it's an idea that's worth a shot Edit just after I posted make sure you go through the UBC Application Help Guide too
  7. Had a similar situation for two of my entries, one of them I used the Club President and another one where I was the Club President I used an adult who knew of us starting the club and the type of work we were doing. Two points: 1) verifiers only need to verify the details you provide on the application, not speak to your work extensively; 2) UBC will contact you if they feel one of your verifiers is not appropriate. For the present moment I think it'd be a good idea to use the Club President/someone who was aware of your work and if this isn't good enough in UBC's eyes then you can worry about finding someone else later
  8. Just gonna post a reminder that UBC "[assesses] rurality internally." (From an admissions blog post.) It's also important to remember that PG itself has about 80 000 people in population and it is the home of the NMP (i.e. I'm sure the 30 000 town you're referring to is considered pretty rural relative to PG itself). Lastly, that whole section of the UBC med application wants you to talk about northern/rural experiences, not just rural only. (Which goes back to the whole thing of PG not being super rural itself - but it is considered northern.) I'm sure you have really solid experiences for getting into a rural seat! Just hope for the best and make sure you write your things really well
  9. For you, it'd be nothing changed. You'll have your worst year (up to 30 credits) removed, and even if you have more than 90 left after that removing process is done, you're stuck with them. UBC won't delete more than 30 credits for any applicant, regardless of being in school during COVID or not
  10. Lived in PG for a little while but not familiar w all the apartment names, however I think Hartley Manor is one to look into because I'm fairly certain there's a bus stop right in front of the building that'll take you up to UNBC and another bus stop literally across the road that could take you to the hospital
  11. Truetruetrue I guess I just dont want to email them for every little topic lmao but yeah I will
  12. Echoing this sentiment - as I mentioned in this thread below, I heard that the MCAT is just a tiebreaker. If your TFR is high enough you can get in without worrying about that 124 CARS. "Officially," though, UBC has said "we don't reveal how we use MCAT scores sorry guys" or something of that nature in an admission blog post comment before.
  13. Has anyone seen/tracked down any information regarding if Winter 2020 grades would be used post-interview? i.e. yes they will not count for GPA/AGPA, but will they be used to assess grade trends?
  14. I think it's relatively rare (like, maybe no more than 3-4 people)? But it does happen, grad school doesn't always go uniformly, especially w the current COVID stuff going on
  15. Just my two cents but I think it's one of them check-box ones. I would think a considerable chunk of applicants never took uni English b/c their IB/AP credits sufficed so it wouldn't make sense for UBC to evaluate them competitively
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