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  1. Hi! I know that here in Quebec, medical schools don’t really look at/care about shadowing experiences. Nevertheless, if you want to shadow in order to learn more about the daily life of a doctor, or about a certain medical specialty, you can easily do this (due to the pandemic, now is most probably not the best time to shadow in a hospital, but here’s some information if you’d like to do it in the future): In secondary 4 I was required to do a day of shadowing in the profession of my choice, and I wanted to go in a hospital to do so. I also didn’t know any doctors or had anyone in my entourage who was in the medical field, so I simply looked up « stage » opportunities on different hospital websites, and most of them displayed this opportunity as being for people who are already in premed or cegep, and not in high school. If you’re out of high school, there’s usually a form you can fill in and send to an email that’s provided to apply for shadowing. However, if you are in high school, you can send a polite email explaining why you’d like to shadow at that hospital, and which type of doctor you’d like to shadow, and they will most probably accept you to go in for a day even if you’re a high school student (this worked for me at Sainte-Justine, not sure if it applies to other hospitals). Otherwise, if you’d like to do something similar that is more recognized by cegeps and medical schools, as well as gain some sort of perspective on the medical field, you can always apply to volunteer in hospitals the same way, by checking if they offer this opportunity on their website (even if they don’t, you can always send an email to ask if they’re looking for volunteers). Most hospitals require you to be 16 years or older in order to volunteer, and although this doesn’t give you the same exact experience as shadowing, it is definitely more useful and recognized when applying to medical school. Hope this helped
  2. Thank you to everyone who replied it is very appreciated
  3. Hello! I’m currently in the process of choosing a cegep, and I’m not quite sure how to rule out my options. I definitely would like to go into medicine, but don’t know which cegep is best for me to attend in order to do so. I know that Marianopolis gives out the best R-scores, but I’m worried that going there won’t make me achieve an above average R-score (when comparing it to the one of other students). Otherwise, if attending a public cegep, I don’t know if I will be able to achieve a high enough R-score there. Basically, I’m just confused about which cegep (public or private) I should attend in order to get the best possible R-score. Thank you
  4. Hello! I am a secondary 5 student at a private high school in Montreal. I am interested in going into medicine, and do not know which CEGEP to choose accordingly to that. I’m also not certain if the CEGEP I choose will, positively or negatively, affect my R score, or if going to a public CEGEP will prevent me from obtaining a high R-score. Would it be more of an advantage to attend a private one? (Not sure if this is relevant, but the language of the CEGEP doesn’t matter to me since I’m perfectly bilingual, but I have gone to school in French since elementary). I’m used to being in a competitive environment and absolutely don’t mind giving up my social life for school, so I do believe this matches more to the general ambiance certain private CEGEP’s. For public ones, I’m not too sure but I think Bois de Boulogne is a good school for getting into medicine, and for private obviously Marianopolis is the best regarding the R-score. I also don’t know if the proximity to my house should be an important factor when choosing. Thanks in advance
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