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    I've only seen the Mac waitlist go up to number 3 through this forum. I was high up on this list too and was hoping for an offer but I think that ship has sailed
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    PTforlife reacted to TBPT13 in OT/PT accepted/waitlist/decline 2020 cycle   
    Each school has a different number of students that they accept for the program. For Western, I'm the class of 2021 and we have 80 spots available, up from 70 spots the year prior. U of T has I believe 100-110 spots. Mac I'm not sure on how many slots there are, but I would gather it'd be around 70-80. Western may have upped the spots again for students and had very few who accepted through the first round. It's doubtful, but possible since there is room in the classrooms and needed to fill multiple spots where students didn't accept because they may have chose U of T for example, who accepts more to begin with. I was waitlisted at Western for the class of 2020 and I was somewhere between #50-100 and didn't receive a call. I don't think they even got out of the first tier of waitlist numbers, which is usually #1-25 or something to that effect. The class of 2021 has a few students who were somewhere in the #40-60 range and counted Western out because they thought there was no way they would get in, and were shocked when they received the call. Every year is different based on the applicants decisions and where they ultimately decide to go based on first choice or only choice parameters. Perhaps most to all of the applicants who were given acceptances to Mac accepted them and they only needed to get 3-4 people from the waitlist. You could always try and call them to see if they will give you any information on the waitlist movement, or if they are full up. It can be very frustrating because there is no real formula as to why some schools have multiple waitlist spots get the call and some have virtually none. Don't give up hope and reach out to Mac would be my recommendation!
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