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  1. I had appointments to shadow a dentist mid-march but then covid happened. They told me to check back again in a few months, so I called back a week ago but they declined my request (understandably). Now they say to touch base with them in the fall. I understand that this is a very sensitive time, and that dentists want to limit the amount of people in their facilities to reduce the spread of covid. However, now I am unable to gain shadowing experience (for the time being) and have no shadowing hours. I can't help but feel left behind by my peers and that this would negatively affect my application to dental school. I know McGill made the statement that "A minimum number of shadowing hours is not required." But still. Does anyone see the possibility to shadow anytime soon? Has anyone been able to shadow during this time? P.S. I just finished my B.Sc. (Chem) and am taking the DAT in November 2020. I was planning on applying for the 2021 cycle but now I think I might hold off for 2022.
  2. So what's the update with your status? Have you been working as a dentist again? What job were you working in the meantime?
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