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  1. I never thought of asking my profs for guidance on assignments. I’m usually very independent. Thanks for the tip
  2. But on the U of T dentistry website, it lists factors not taken into consideration in the selection process, including course load/full time vs part time status or program of study. Hence, theoretically, a part-time student with a sociology degree has the same chance of being admitted as a full-time student with a physics degree. I’m starting to think that admissions is putting quite a bit of weight on the CASPer test and personal statement. It’s the only thing that makes sense.
  3. U of T is very GPA-centric so I’m having a hard time believing that they had a competitive GPA and didn’t get an interview at U of T. Usually a 3.9+ is considered competitive. If they didn’t get interviews with a 3.9+ CGPA and good DAT scores, then that’s very concerning for me. But maybe they performed poorly on the CASPer test, or had a weak personal statement? Also, since they’ve applied multiple times, they should have 100% gotten interviews in previous admission cycles since interview invitations used to only be based on GPA and DAT. It seems like their GPA’s may not be as competitive as you think. Also, I’m confused, did they take gap year(s) after 3rd year and now are going back for their 4th year? I honestly don’t have a complete distaste for courses with a lot of written assignments, but the subjectivity of social science courses is what I really hate. You just never know how well your gonna do. From my experience, social science profs tend to be more reluctant to give you an A. But I may just take a gap year and give 4th year a shot sooner than later. I mean, if I can’t do well in 4th year, then maybe it’s a sign that I’m not cut out for dent¿ I’m glad you found the courage to complete your 4th year and apply to dental school. And you got in, correct? Thanks for the advice!
  4. The whole point of this thread is to challenge my thinking. Of course I’m gonna be defensive, I’m very much bias towards not completing my undergrad which I made fairly clear in my post. Some posters have made great points, and I’m taking them into consideration. Just because I don’t agree with everything everyone says, doesn’t mean I’m only here to validate my perspective. I’m trying to sort out my thoughts and this is a great outlet to do so. If it's giving you a headache, then simply ignore it.
  5. ? I think you need to re-read what I wrote. That’s why I asked admissions whether it would be a problem if I left my degree before completing it, and they said it isn’t (i.e., there is no disadvantages in the admissions process if you go on a hiatus after 3rd year). They do not care if you have 3 vs. 4 years of uni, even if it means you left your degree prematurely. I’m in a professional program so there isn’t much flexibility with the courses I can take. That isn’t true - U of T always includes your last completed year of undergrad in your CGPA calculation, regardless of whether it’s lower or higher than prior years. The only time your 4th year courses won’t count is when you apply during your 4th year (but I won’t be able to seriously write the DAT in Nov if I start school in Sept) or if you do a 5th year of undergrad or a course-based masters. Even if I were able to successfully write the DAT during my 4th year, it’s a huge risk relying on that 1 year to get into dentistry! It’s safe to say that I probably won’t get in on my first try. I’m not interested in pursuing a Master’s degree. If I were to do one, it would be a course-based masters with an integrated dietetic internship. But at this point in my life I don’t want to dedicate my energy and time into becoming a registered dietitian. Maybe it’ll be something I’ll do if dentistry doesn’t work out, but I’m not sure what my interests and aspirations will be in a few years from now. As a reminder, I will complete my undergrad degree eventually if I do not get admitted to dentistry after a few admission cycles. I’m not completely giving up on it!
  6. Were they invited to the interview every year and rejected every time? Thats probably what worries me the most. But I feel like if I practice my interview skills enough, I can eventually get in. I'm passionate about dentistry but the ROI is poor if I leave Canada (aside from having to sacrifice leaving family and friends in Ontario), and the OOP dental schools are extremely difficult to get admitted to (more so than U of T since there's so few seats reserved for OOP applicants). The only other option is Western but I'm not doing 2 years full-time just to get a shot at western - seems like a waste of time, money and energy. What were your friends CGPA's? And where did you friends end up? Yes, it would benefit me to have my degree as a dental hygienist which is part of the reason why I will eventually go back to get my degree if dentistry doesn't work out! I doubt my abilities cause I'm very aware of my strengths and weaknesses as a student. I always get low 80's in my heavy essay writing classes (which I have a lot of in 4th year). To make things worse, a lot of courses are doing take-home exams because of COVID. I had an online course earlier this summer that required me to write a 5000 word essay in 2 days for the exam. It was very mentally taxing and stressful. I honestly can't imagine doing that for all my courses during the fall semester. If anything, I may just take 1 gap year. I can work and study for the DAT and then start school again in September of 2021. At least this way I can apply for the admission cycle this year instead of having to wait until next year since I'll have optimal time to study for the DAT in November. But I do like the idea of doing dental hygiene so I'm really not sure. So many options tbh.
  7. I emailed admissions again on Monday cause your comment made me a bit paranoid lol. I said “Just to clarify, it doesn’t matter if someone leaves their undergrad degree after 3rd year to pursue something else instead of completing their degree? As long as you have 30 credits completed, you’re eligible and there’s no disadvantages, correct?” And they replied “that’s correct.” I also haven’t heard of anyone “dropping out” after 3rd year and getting accepted to dent, but I think it’s cause most people actually want their undergrad degree and/or are applying to multiple dental schools that require their undergrad to be completed. Thanks for the support. I’m definitely leaning toward dental hygiene school but I’m still confused about what I want to do. I have until September to think about, so hopefully that’s enough time to sort out my thoughts.
  8. I appreciate the advice. Just out of curiosity, what job did your friend get? I’m not too familiar with what you can do with a nutrition degree on its own. All I know is that usually the job prospects aren’t favourable and tend to be lower paying.
  9. Thanks for the insight. I never really thought of it that way. You’re right, I could have a completely different mindset in a few years from now. I could be in a situation that pushes me to move, etc. However, I’m having a hard time seeing the benefit of my degree. It’s a professional degree which means it’s essential useless unless I become a registered dietitian, which is something you can only do if you get a dietetic internship (extremely competitive as less than 10% of people get internships in Ontario/there’s only 5 participating hospitals that accept 5-10 people each). I would have to dedicate all my energy and time into pursuing a career in dietetics if that’s what I really wanted, but at this point in my life, I don’t. And even if I wanted to do it later on, my dietetic competency courses that grant me eligibility to apply for internships expires 3 years after graduation! Hence, I was thinking that if I extend my degree until the last year possible, then at least I could always become an RD if I change my mind (i.e., dental hygiene isn’t for me in the long term) and dentistry doesn’t work out. The only jobs I can get without the RD credential is diet tech, food service manager, or maybe a quality control position in a food lab. I also agree that, statistically speaking, it’s very unlikely for me to go back after so many years, but I think my reasoning is different than most people. I’m more so leaving school to maximize my chances of getting into U of T dentistry, not because I couldn’t handle the rigour of school, etc. I definitely see the benefit of having a degree if dental school doesn’t work out, but the benefit of getting it right now is very limited. I rather study something I’m more interested in (dental hygiene) than spend a year doing courses to get a piece of paper I can’t do much with. I’m a fairly motivated person so I can’t imagine not getting my degree eventually. As you mentioned, the only major risk is the uncertainty of life. But I still feel like taking that risk is worth it (pros>cons), especially since I’m pretty set on staying in Ontario and I’ve felt that way for a long time.
  10. I contacted U of T admissions and they said “There is no disadvantage to applying with 3 years of university. Your marks are what is most important.” I also trust this since I’ve heard of quite a few people getting admitted to U of T with incomplete undergrad degrees. I agree, the gap years definitely raise a red flag. But tbh if I don’t get into U of T after 5 admission cycles, I’m probably not cut out for dental school lol. I must be really shit at interviews and/or CASPer if I don’t get in after that many tries. I’ll just move on with my life and either continue working as a dental hygienist or enter another career path (registered dietitian, etc.).
  11. Thanks for the thoughtful input! I agree, it kinda does cheapen the last three years of my life since I’m not gonna reach the end goal of getting my degree. However, I’m only going to do a short-term withdrawal from my program so I won’t permanently be dropping out. At my uni, you have up to 8 years to finish your degree; hence, if I don’t get into dental school after 4 admission cycles, I’ll go back to uni and finish my 4th year while I apply for a 5th time. If I don’t get in again, then I’ll definitely reevaluate my life. Another problem with going into my fourth year is that I won’t be able to seriously write the DAT in Nov. I’m taking an accelerated summer course right now and I’ll be starting to study for the DAT in the beginning of August. I should have started studying earlier, but I had a lot going on these past few months (family member passing) so I couldn’t bring myself to study but I’ve gotten things back on track. The reason I need so much time to study is cause I never took 1st year bio in uni! I’m in a professional program (dietetics), so I was able to take physiology 1 and 2, microbiology and other life sci courses without needing to take first year intro bio. Also, despite acing chem in first year, I was never that great at it! I definitely have my work cut out for me from August to November. Unfortunately, since I’m in a professional program, there’s not a lot of flexibility with the courses I can take to fulfill my degree requirements. I kind of pushed all my “really difficult” courses to my fourth year cause I was dreading having to do them. A lot of them have a ton of essay writing which isn’t my cup of tea. My CGPA will most definitely decrease. But I don’t think it will go below 3.90. Yes, I’m expecting dental hygiene to be difficult but since it’s an 18 month diploma, it won’t affect my CGPA for dental school admissions. It’ll just be a great way to get hands on experience while providing me with a backup option if dental school doesn’t pan out. I plan on applying to dental school every year, as dental hygiene definitely won’t satisfy my goal of becoming a dentist! I’m pigeonholing myself because I’m scared of ruining my chances of getting into u of t :S sadly, it kind of comes down to the fact that I don’t have confidence in myself. I never expected to do so well in uni, as I was always a low 80’s student in high school, but somehow I managed to pull off a high CGPA through hard work. I’ve had dental school on the back of my mind since first year of uni but I didn’t think it would be possible until my third year. I just don’t want to jeopardize my chances if possible. I really appreciate you playing devils advocate. Do you still think I should continue with my 4th year after everything I’ve told you?
  12. Thanks for the reply. He's applying to med schools all over Ontario. U of T is one of the few med schools that favours graduate applicants; hence, he'll most likely get accepted to U of T since he'll have a PhD. He's also a very competitive applicant (3.97 undergrad GPA, 4.0 grad GPA, tons of publications, extracurriculars, etc.). If he doesn't get accepted, he's planning to do a postdoc at U of T. Even if we broke up or he left Ontario for whatever reason, I'd still prefer to stay in Ontario since this is where all my friends and family are. Yeah I'm really worried about relying on U of T for admission. But the likelihood of being accepted to schools OOP is probably very slim anyways and I can't imagine spending another 2 years in uni full-time just to qualify for Western (this also puts me at risk for lowing my GPA). And the US is a no go... wayyy too expensive even if I were willing to move. I really do want to pursue dentistry but I feel like location is everything to me. Do you know of any successful dental school applicants who only applied to 1 school? Also, do you think I'm crazy for withdrawing from undergrad and starting dental hygiene school instead? Or do you think its worth finishing my undergrad degree?
  13. Hi everyone, I’m going into my 4th year at an Ontario uni, and I’m not sure if I should finish the last year of my undergrad degree or take the next year or so off. The reason I don’t wanna finish the last year of my degree is because 1) I don’t care for my degree, 2) I don’t want to lower my GPA (my 4th year will have quite a few subjective social science courses), and 3) I don’t want to pursue a masters degree since research doesn’t interest me. I plan on only applying to U of T dentistry this year as I don’t qualify for Western (I only took 4 courses per term instead of 5) and I’m not willing to leave Ontario (my long-term boyfriend is a PhD student at U of T and he plans on going to U of T for med after he graduates next year). I know it’s risky only applying to one dental school, but I’m confident that I can eventually get into U of T (I don’t mind taking multiple gap years if necessary). I have a 3.95 CGPA and I still have to write the DAT. I plan on spending the next year working, studying for the DAT, and going to dental hygiene school in November (right after I write the DAT). I know that dental hygiene probably won’t help me too much in the admissions process, aside from the interview, but I know for a fact I want to pursue a career in dentistry. I can’t imagine doing anything else so I thought that dental hygiene would be a good backup career and would help prepare me for dental school a bit. Do you guys think this is a good idea/plan or am I being crazy lol!? I already contacted U of T to see if only completing 3 years of your undergrad degree would be a disadvantage, but they said they give equal consideration to those with or without an undergrad degree. All that matters is that you have 30 half courses completed. But I’m not sure if there’s any major disadvantages that should be brought to my attention. Any advice is welcome. Thanks!
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