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  1. I will have a total of 2 EM rotations and a procedure month by the time I apply. My program is unopposed and we cover the floor/ICU year round. Would mentioning that in the application help? There must be some benefit to q3-4 call for 3 years lol. We also end up doing most of the lines, thora/paras, LPs, etc. Do you think there would be any benefit to submitting a procedure log? I have looked into the non fellowship pathways and they don’t seem very structured. If this flops I will probably look into hospitalist.
  2. Thank you all for the responses. Unfortunately EM electives in Canada are not an option since I have only one elective this year (next month) and travel is restricted. EM fellowships in the USA are also not an option for me since I’m a Canadian on a J1 visa. The fellowships are not ACGME accredited and do not accept J1 visas. I can do things like sports med or palliative, but not EM. I guess I’m kinda screwed. I might just submit my application with the letters I got from my electives here and see what happens. Thanks!
  3. Hey everyone, I’m an FM PGY2 in the US. Interested in applying for Canadian FM/EM fellowship next year (FM is 3 years here). Do y’all know of anyone who has done this? I have been going through some of the match data from last year and it seems that there are usually 1-2 applicants from US residencies and they don’t end up matching. Going this route will likely be expensive and time consuming. Basically I’d like to know if there is a realistic chance of matching if I apply. Would my application be viewed the same as someone who trained in Canada?
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