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  1. I guess I could organize a Casper group session via zoom. DM me your e-mail if you want to be added with your preferred time/day to practice. I'll get back to everyone after organizing it! Edit: If you dm me your e-mail I can add you to a casper collab doc. However, you will have to actively contribute to it or you may be removed.
  2. Hello, I'm an OOP applicant from Ontario, and was wondering how to submit my transcript (Fax number/address)? Is the deadline date still July 31st for unofficial transcripts? (Still working on Part 1 of my application) Thanks!
  3. Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has advice or experience with respect to thesis M.Sc. completion dates and MD offers. Has a school ever been lenient with the June 30th transcript deadline/the day you defend the M.Sc? On a side note: Has anyone e-mailed admissions and asked if they are going to extend the June 30th deadline for Master's students? Thanks!!
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