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  1. Wow. That's pretty amazing! For the life experience/achievements section, I have multiple summer research studentship awards (HYRS, AIHS, WCHRI). Each experience associated with the award was somewhat unique, but I'm not sure if I should list each award separately or should I bunch them all together in a single research entry?
  2. Projecting into the future, if I continue with my current EC's, I'm only going to have a few very-long term EC's (5 summers + 4 semesters of research in fall and winter, playing a sport for 5+ years and coaching for 3, and a part-time job held for 2ish years, 200 hours into a volunteer position over 2 years). I can make some room in my schedule so that I am able to sprinkle in more volunteer activities. But as it is, I have 1 entry for employment, 3 for leadership, 3 for volunteering, and 2 for life experiences. I don't want to discontinue the long-term activities that I love to make room for new ones, nor do I want to spread myself thin and risk hurting my GPA. But I can only see myself filling in 11-12 entries if I am being realistic. How big of an issue is this?
  3. Is it better to have only one entry filled out (but let's say you held that position for 2-3 years) or 3-4 entries filled out (but you only held each position for a year at most)? I know that showing commitment is great, but will only having one entry filled in the employment sections hurt my application?
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