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  1. Still can't register either. My status still says I'm in my former degree with Arts and Science. Hopefully it'll get switched soon
  2. Just emailed Diane. Got offered a seat! Apparently there was some glitch on applications since I wasn't notified of my offer until I inquired. I am so so very excited to meet you guys and start this adventure. Sending good vibes and all of the luck to anyone out there still waiting! Ya'll got this.
  3. I am on the waitlist for Pharmacy as well and have not heard anything. Are you an out of province applicant?
  4. Congratulations on getting in at least! That is tough. I called the number as well and got the voicemail. I wish they would at least clarify a general time frame of when they would be sending out offers...waiting until the 29th to be able to even just inquire about anything is frustrating considering how late it is. I do hope we both find out some good news soon!
  5. Still got nothing. Have you? Does anyone have an idea on how long they take typically?
  6. Anyone on the waiting list hear anything yet?
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