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  1. I was hoping I could get some advice for how to approach medical school, especially since classes are completely online for the first semester so it wont be as easy to ask other student what they're doing. I'm starting classes at the UofA this August. I did a degree in mechanical engineering and I haven't taken anything related to biology since the middle of high school. In my undergrad I mostly took exams which required me to solve 2-5 problems over the course of a couple hours, about 80% of the time these exams would be open book. The only content heavy closed book exam I had to take was the MCAT, which I don't think I did a great job studying for (ended up with a 502); all I really did was watch khan academy lectures (while writing down notes) and do practice problems. My concern is I don't know how to study content heavy coursework, something most students are familiar with by now. Does anyone have any advice on how to study/what the workflow of a typical first year student is like? Furthermore are there any supplemental materials I should consider using? I've seen some people on this forum talk about using american resources in their first two years (even if their not interested in writing the step 1 exam) such as reading first aid prior to each new block, watching boards and beyond videos in tandem with their lectures, and using pre made step 1 anki decks. Does that make sense, or would it be better to spend more time studying my schools lectures since they will likely be the most similar to the exams we write? Really I'd appreciate any advice
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