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  1. To add another question onto this, the people I've spoken to about pain clinics often cite the "difficult" patient population as being a detractor. What exactly is meant by a "difficult" patient population in the context of pain clinics?
  2. I've been reading this over: http://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/pro/programs/ohip/bulletins/11000/bul11147.pdf I've only skimmed through from what I gather, NGEP is exclusive to newly graduated family medical doctors. It's also optional. A poignant stipulation to joining the NGEP is the [rather significant] restriction it puts on salary for new grads. For anyone who may know more about this, I'm curious, what would be the incentive for a family doctor who just finished residency to join NGEP? Is this currently the only viable option to join an FHO in a non high-need area? Should this be at all enticing to a new family med grad?
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