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  1. Hi Everyone, I am taking the Canadian DAT for the first time and I am unsure how I should prepare. I know that the DATcrusher is a good resource for Canadian test takers, but I am wondering if this would be enough for me to score well. Or should I also be investing my time with Ferralis, Cliff Notes and Chad's video? The mini tips from DATcrusher recommends their students to review bio/chem info more in breadth than in depth but I've also heard that some questions are very specific (for example I briefly remember seeing a post about a student having to answer a question about the developmental biology of a sea urchin?). How should I study for the DAT, for those who have taken it, was it really just trying to memorize as much as you can? And since I'm just starting my studying now, what topics are considered high yield, is there a list of general topics out there that are frequently tested on? If someone could direct me to a list of high yield topics (if that exists), I would really appreciate it as I'm feeling quite overwhelmed and don't really know where to start. Thanks everyone!
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