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  1. Thanks a lot for your reply but let's say I delay my graduation and do a 5th year, how can I be considered a full time student since I don't have many classes left to meet my degree requirements. Won't I be considered a special student? Concretely how should I do that.
  2. Hi all, I'm currently going into my 4th year undergrad and I need some serious guidance. 1st year: 2.85 2nd year: 2.92 3rd year: 3.52 ECs: -5+ year tutoring - autism interverner (2 years) - health columnist/journalist (2 years) - 100 hrs clinical volunteering/ 200+ hrs non clinical volunteering/ some shadowing experience (plan on doing research....) 1) Considering I only want to apply at Uottawa (french stream), how many years should I spend in a second undergraduate degree before applying? (I'm thinking 2 years) 2) What does it mean to take a second undergrad? Is it the same as doing a 5th year? Do I have to delay my graduation in 4th year to pursue a second undergrad? And let's say I spend two years in a second undergrad, do the grades of the 1st undergrad count toward the calculation (eg.4th year, 5th year, 6th year)? Thanks
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