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  1. Applying to ulaval from Ontario for the first time! Anyone from Ontario have any experience/tips they want to share?
  2. Hey everyone! Admission season has officially started:). Curious to know who’s applying and from where! Anybody from Ontario applying to ulaval? Let’s start a thread.
  3. Bonjour! J’applique en med/dmd/pharmd bientôt à ulaval et je me demandais si qqun est en mesure de clarifier la critère d’éligibilité suivante Diplôme préuniversitaire équivalent aux 13 années du système scolaire québécois (ou diplôme d'études préuniversitaires totalisant 12 années de scolarité et une année d'études supérieures) et formation jugée satisfaisante en sciences (mathématiques, physique, chimie et biologie) Est ce qu’un diplôme DESO (diplôme d’études secondaires de l’Ontario) + 1 année d’études universitaires compte comme équivalent à un DEC? I spoke on the phone with the registrar but they seemed just as confused as I was :/ I also tried calling the faculty of medicine directly but they were closed and haven’t answered my email in over a week. I would really appreciate if someone helped me out here
  4. Have you taken any summer courses? Or a semester with 6 courses? If so, you’d be eligible since they count that academic year in the calculation of your cGPA
  5. Hey everyone, Hope everyone is doing good during these difficult times. I am currently entering my second year of studies in biochemistry at a university in Ontario and I have been thinking of applying to pharmacy/dentistry at uLaval for fall 2021. I normally wouldn’t be writing on a forum if I was applying to Ontario schools but after doing EXTENSIVE and I mean months worth of research and reading about admissions in Quebec, I always end up feeling in a grey area of lack of information and pure ignorance to the selection process for students who reside outside of Quebec.... I’m not sure how I could possibly compare an r score to my gpa value for my first year of university. My current institution grades students on a 10.0 scale and I haven’t yet found a proper conversion chart for 10.0 -> 4.33. If it helps, I finished my first year with an 8.6 CGPA (first semester was really bad but second semester brought up my average by a lot). In addition, my last two years of high school count for an average of roughly 95+%. My question is if there is ANY possible way to convert this data into an r score? I worked at a pharmacy during my last year in high school and then got a position as a lab assistant within my university. I’ve also done some volunteer within hospitals, churches and my university as well. I’m not sure how difficult the selection process is for out of province students. It is to my knowledge that Laval reserves 6 seats for OOP students but I’m wondering if there are any past OOP applicants who can share their experience applying to these types of programs in Quebec. thank you! (answers in English and French are okay!)
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