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  1. If and when you decide to apply to Med Schools, you will require WES evaluation of your undergrad grades. They don't consider the GPA that your international university issued transcript has on it. For prereqs, I am currently looking at courses offered by Athabasca. From what I can tell, post-bacc programs are more prominent in US and not so much in Canada so I am not really exploring them.
  2. Hi @messmania I am also in similar situation. I am 33 with a bachelor and 2 master's degree (1 from canada and another from India) in engg. I am preparing for MCAT. As you will read on this forum, undergrad GPA is KING!! I would suggest looking at your Bachelor's GPA to see how close it is to the competitive GPA for MedSchools. If you scored high enough GPA or % in undergrad you may not need to invest time in doing another undergrad. For your questions #1 and #2, I would say its best to email Med schools. May be other senior members on the forum can help address them. For question #3: If I were you, I would apply to as many schools as possible to keep all options open. Don't know about the quality of education for UofT v/s UBC. Mcmaster, Queens, UWO don't have prereq requirements. Queens has lower cutoff for Grad students (as per their website). UofT has prereqs but they give credit to Grad students (confirmed this last week by emailing them). Check their admissions website for more details. Also, UofT prereq is 2 FCEs in any life science and 1 FCE in social sciences, humanities, or a language which is not a lot if you consider registering for these courses. I am planning to do the same. Also, I have recently applied for WES Evaluation of my undergrad degree so I will know where I stand. You might want to do that before enrolling in a second undergrad. You may not need one if you have a good GPA already. When you apply to Medschools, you will need to get WES evaluation anyway so you might as well get it done now and save some time later when you apply. Happy to connect and stay in touch if you want to talk more. Feel free to PM me. Good Luck!
  3. Hi Everyone! I am glad I found this post. I'm 33, working full-time in IT, and preparing for MCAT. I am hoping to connect with other older/non-trad applicants. I could really use all the guidance I can get. I am also gearing myself up for the possibility of pursuing a second undergrad as my first undergrad grades are way too low. My Academic Background: Bachelor's in Eng. (from India) 66% - awaiting WES evaluation MS Research (from India) M.Eng. (Queen's) I have been told that WES takes into account factors like degree/course difficulty level, university grading systems, etc. while determining the equivalent GPA. While I get my grades evaluated, I am exploring the only other option I might have->> second undergrad degree. @Medschoolhope : To your question regarding the second undergrad in same field, I found this on UofT website: https://www.utm.utoronto.ca/future-students/apply/alternative-pathways/second-degree, plz check under the 'Few Notes' section on this page. I may not be the best person to answer this but what they are saying makes sense that the second undergrad must be "different enough" if not completely different field. Might be a good idea to email them or any other university that you are considering.
  4. Hello! My apologies for jumping in to the conversation but I could really use some guidance. I am preparing for MCAT and coming from an Engineering background I don't have prereq courses in my transcript. Question: If I take online courses from Athabasca or similar university, will schools like UofT and UofOttawa consider CGPA from these universities? Or would taking these courses just make me eligible to apply to schools that require prereq courses and I still get to use my Engineering CGPA? Please advise. Thanks.
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