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  1. Thanks for your reply, I will definitely list another award instead for UBC! How about for OMSAS though?
  2. Hello all, For UBC application, what are your opinions on double listing NSERC USRA under both Awards and Employment History? The help guide says all paid research experience (including those paid by research grants) should go under employment history. I know a lot of people double list NSERC for OMSAS under awards and employment, but what's the consensus for UBC? Thanks everyone!
  3. Hi all, UofT describes scholar cluster with the following: academic standing, achievements in leadership, research and social responsibility as demonstrated by (but not limited to) awards, conference presentations, publications and scholarships. I am having a bit of difficulty selecting which activity to write about to hit the scholar cluster. Based on the description provided by UofT, the scholar cluster is very research-heavy which is understandable as UofT seems to love research. I held NSERC USRA (no pubs, no presentations) and received another academic award for having one of the highest grades in my program. However, I also TA'd for a course that I really enjoyed. Only issue is how I can tie this activity to "academic standing, achievements in leadership, research and social responsibility as demonstrated by awards, presentations, publications and scholarships etc...". Any recommendations which activity to choose for my ABS? Thank you,
  4. Dalhousie just sent out an email indicating that all applicants must take the new CASPer snapshot starting this cycle. Essentially seems like a mini virtual interview which consists of 3 questions with 2 minutes to complete each question. Applicants will be required to use their webcam and respond through audio/video. It must be completed by September 30th, 2020. Any thoughts?
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