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  1. Queens approach is they have a the 2 year GPA or your total undergrad GPA, and they assess based on the higher one. I think ottawa is just one type of GPA: last 3 full time years (I guess if your years weren't full time then they would look at your total undergrad GPA, but it's not like they calculate two and then assess the higher one). Guess I'm not qualified for Ottawa oh well.
  2. I thought the 3 year thing they do was their version of a "weighted GPA" and our total undergrad GPA was their cGPA. And they use whichever one is higher to assess whether we meet the cutoff.
  3. That's exactly what threw me off. 500 words! I forgot how long it was! I ended up saying basically exact that and it just a few sentences.
  4. I mean you'll probably be unhappy when things get difficult there are other careers that are stable and well paying too
  5. Attached is a picture of the application as I see it. Do we move on to another part to submit our activities *after* this? Thanks
  6. it sometimes stops working for me and then I need to change my ip address and it works. then sometimes it works without changing my IP.
  7. and what score did you get and what are some activites you think stood out the most
  8. kind of a stupid thing but does anyone else feel like that? i miss the brown and green. log cabin vibes.
  9. Site actually looks pretty good. Anyone know of similar sites?
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