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  1. Hi all, I'm working on some CASPer tests (like the official one from the Altus website) and looking to share feedback with people. If anyone is interested starting a group, or has one I could join, please let me know!
  2. Hi, thanks for offering to help! The official casper practice test has the following question, and I'm thinking of better ways to answer it. You are asked to put three items into a time capsule, which will be opened in 300 years. This time capsule is intended to reflect the areas of humanity that are going well, and those that need improvement, in the current year. What areas, both positive and negative, do you feel should be highlighted? Explain why you consider these to be key areas. What items would you put in the capsule? Explain your response. What responsibility, if any, do current generations have for future generations? Explain your answer. Any advice on how you would answer or approach this question?
  3. I tried to but it doesn't upload. I don't think we have to
  4. I retested this year and went from a 129 CARS to 127 (all of my other scores went up). I'm worried this will affect my application, and I'm curious as to how it dropped to much since I was doing well on my FLs. Does anyone have any experience requesting a rescore with MCAT? I'm wondering if requesting one might play out in my favour.
  5. I'm seeing it in the drop down list on LaunchPad, but not in the requested items on the MD webpage's application process. Do we still have to upload these?
  6. Would you be able to share when you sent your transcripts? Mine were sent mid Semptember, but they still haven't come up on UofA's launchpad
  7. Hi All, I'm wrapping up my MCAT review but would be happy to go over some of the harder questions I had with anyone over Skype/Zoom, or in person if anyone lives near Montreal. DM me if that's something you would be interested in!
  8. I'd be open to trying something over Skype/Zoom or in person if you're in Montreal
  9. Hey! I just started my application. I made a profile under professional options (not from UofA) and found it under '2021/2022 Professional Programs Doctor of Medicine'. I've started my application and can select references, add my addresses, etc.
  10. Hi All, In answering UofT's BPE and ABS questions, how do I best relate them to the four clusters? Should I explicitly state which cluster I'm addressing in my answer, or answer in a more natural sense while hinting to the cluster more subltely? For the BPEs, are the questions already related to a cluster by the reviewer? Any advice would be helpful!
  11. Hey all, I'm trying to begin working on my application to McGill through the Web-App System but it doesn't seem to let me complete my account creation. When I get to the page that says ' Program Choice (currently available for term) ', I can select Faculty of Medicine, but no Program or Major, and the screen won't let me advance. I've used both Chrome and Firefox. Has anyone else has this problem?
  12. Hello, I noticed MUN has an MD/PhD section on their website, but I haven't found a way to apply to it directly. Do any current MUN students or applicants know about how to apply or have any advice they'd like to share? I'm an OOP applicant with an MSc, some publications, and a decent CARS score.
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