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  1. I agree with @greysweater. A lot of people don’t have any premed supports around them (me included) so it’s nice to be able to have a little group to talk to. Especially this year, where a lot of people are home and more socially isolated. While I agree no one needs to bug the admissions committee with emails, everyone is just anxious and excited! Live and let live.... if it bugs ya so much just don’t read the forums
  2. Do you think Dal’s (potential) strike is going to affect this stuff?
  3. MUN sent out their interview invites today, maybe Dal will follow suit
  4. Alright guys we’ll meet back here Monday??
  5. Yeah I think it all depends on how the virtual MMI will work. Might be a recorded thing like Casper snapshot so they might not even need dates. Who knows!
  6. I think that was on their website before they updated to say it’s a virtual MMI this year. That’s the weekend it’s been on the past few years.
  7. Hahah me too!! Embarrassed how many times I checked my email today lol. I feel like it’ll be on time with previous years. My bets are on next Friday, the 16th!
  8. You never know- they might not put any weight on it. Maybe they are going to start weighing it next year, but this year is just like a trial to see how it goes/how the submissions look.
  9. Yeah- that’s just what I’ve heard though- idk if it’s true and if they actually have all been sent out yet. Don’t quote me on it, just heard rumours
  10. Wondering if they’ll send interview invites early this year? I hear CASPer rejections have already been sent, and when I logged onto my Step 2 it gives the options to upload a government ID (3A & 3B). Anyone else’s like this? Weird
  11. Hmm mine is gone too! That’s interesting- I had just checked it a few days ago.
  12. I definitely utilized the sample questions they give you before starting- there’s two. Did both a couple of times to get used to reading the prompt and talking. It is challenging- you have to read the question and think and respond all while the timer is counting down and it’s recording you haha. I reviewed my application and looked up some tips on taking one-way interviews on the internet! None of my questions were situational like the actual CASPer- they were all like personal questions about me as an applicant. Felt more like a job interview- i.e. know your strengths and weaknesses, etc. You’ll be fine though! It’s really not awful, I only took like 30 minutes to do this stuff and prepare beforehand! The worst part is after you’re done and you think of ways you could’ve answered the question better instead of rambling lol
  13. I wrote ones that were cancelled due to COVID were ongoing as well! On a few I just put a little note that said suspended due to COVID. I think it’s fine especially since we would have every intention of continuing once the restrictions lift! I’m trying to not think of my app anymore!! It’s submitted and out of my hands at this point lol!
  14. Hi guys! I've been a tutor for a bunch of students at my university over the past few years in various courses. Just wondering who you put as a verifier if someone had a similar job. While I have someone at the school that can confirm I am a tutor, they have no way to confirm the number of hours I've done. Thanks!
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