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  1. Hey PM101, Congrats to all those who submitted OMSAS apps - it's a beast... def don't miss hitting submit on Oct 1. Just wanted to update that the community hub now sends you an email link to your MMI video/audio/text responses IMMEDIATELY. That means you can download and share your responses with other applicants, friends, family, or mentors so they can give you feedback. The community hub is always free so use it as many times as you like. The only thing is... please consider suggesting MMI questions for the community - it's how we grow and everyone improves! We've worked really hard to make it flexible, realistic, and easy to get your reps in. Feedback is ALWAYS appreciated and how we fix bugs and add features. Good luck and get your cracking on the MMI prep... those invites will come very soon! -Jamie P.S. Here's how the platform works: P.P.S. Mods please let us know if we're violating any rules. Someone posted our content a while ago and we just wanted to let everyone know about the new features.
  2. PM101, Took the feedback we received and created a community hub for everyone to post and practice questions for free. Practice as many times as you'd like and download your responses with an account. I know it's very early in the game of applications but a little practice every day or week goes a long way. Question submissions are encouraged - they'll be reviewed and updated daily for the entire community to see and practise. Our community hub will always be free. Let us know what else we can do to make practising a better experience - we love feedback! Visit the community hub where users submit questions voluntarily and practise free: https://www.videoath.com/community/hub - Jeremy
  3. Hey FuturERDoc (emergency med is great btw), Great feedback and totally agree. I felt the same way when I first started practising for the MMI. We're hoping to build a community by trying something new. Users can now practice student-submitted questions for free. Here's a question that was submitted recently that you can practise with https://www.videoath.com/community/1 These questions will always be free and you can practise as many times as you want. When I was practising with my buddies years ago, we would use a camera to film ourselves so that we could re-watch (and cringe...) at how we did. We watched for unprofessional mannerisms, word-ticks, and rambling... oh boy... the rambling... So, we made it possible for users to download their submissions. That's a feature we developed and hope that users find valuable. And, lastly, I was on PM101 like 10 years ago and wouldn't have gotten into med school and be in practice now without it. We added a feature to submit your own MMI question so everyone improves. Our goal is to have a repository of free practice questions for everyone. Hope that helps! - Jeremy
  4. Hey CandorV, Thanks for checking us out. We're so glad you had a good experience. For you and any others who submitted responses, we have your videos that we'd be happy to share with you. It's always so rewarding to see all the different perspectives on such thought-provoking questions. We want you to ace your interviews and part of that means reviewing your responses to see where you can improve. Message us so we can send you your practice responses! - Jeremy
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