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  1. Hi everyone! I’m a physiotherapy student myself at Mcgill University. I’m about to finish my graduation. I was going through various fields that I can focus on, and Sports medicine is what I think I can be good at. I’m a great sports enthusiast, and I think I can help the field. But the internet took me to this different sector called Virtual physiotherapy in Toronto. It’s an interesting idea which is now being greatly followed because of the pandemic situation. It’s like you can treat your patients via a smart device that is through video calls. But I’m not sure about the authenticity in the results that can be produced. Have anyone tried these out? Is it an ethical way to treat patients? If it’s right, I hope to practice it as a side hustle when I do my masters in Sports medicine. Enlighten me, people.
  2. Hi! Seats are quite limited. You have to work on your application documents and make sure it goes with the guidelines and requirements. I Hope things work out for you. All the best.
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    Hi! I'm new to the community. My name is Micheal and I live in Ottawa, Ontario. I hope i can be of some help for the students here. I'm a physiotherapy student myself in Mcgill University.
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