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  1. Hi everyone, I've just started medical school from a very anaemic research background. I have no fruitful research experience (no publications); the extent of any research exposure I ever had was entering data in a dry lab. To be frank, from my limited exposure, I'm not very interested in research and academic medicine does not appeal to me greatly. I am mainly interested in FM, IM, and psychiatry at this point which to my knowledge are not super competitive specialities. I hope to embark on some global health projects during medicine but I'm dreading the idea of having to do research for the sake of matching. Am I disadvantaging myself and is research really as important as my colleagues in 2nd year and 3rd year claim it is? Hoping to hear some thoughts from recently matched grads, thanks so much! Also, I did search for related posts on this topic but many of the discussion were from many years ago. I am afraid that with the increasing competition of CaRMS research is now becoming more of a "necessary" bar to go over than a "nice to have" which seemed to be the case before.
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