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  1. Hey @frenchpress Thanks for the reply! Would I include that in the extra optional academic explanations section or is it just something they deduce from my application or ask for at the interview?
  2. Hey I am really confused about this. I have been told that UBC doesn't have any full course requirements by my university advisor. But on the website, it states: "applicants should demonstrate an ability to handle the rigorous, full-time curriculum of medical school, and are asked to provide more information about any part-time terms on the application." What does that mean? I was "full-time" (had some 3/4 year, 3/3 year, and 4/5 course load) but not "full course load". Does anyone know some who had gotten in to UBC med that didn't take the full course load that can give me some insight? Or am I screwed?
  3. Hey I'm planning on moving mine to Sept 28th. Its a rewrite so would they evaluate me based on my previous scores or Do you know if I my submit my rewrite MCAT to UBC after the Oct 1st due date they will evaluate me based on that?
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