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  1. I am currently in my third year of university and will be writing the DAT in February 2021 and then applying to dental school. I am going to study well in advance and am a good test taker. As well, I have a 4.0 in my neuroscience degree (57 credits completed). I just have a question regarding how extra curriculars impact your application and how they are scored. I anticipate my gpa and day scores should be competitive enough for an interview. My extra curriculars include: 3 years junior hockey. 2 years USports Varsity Men’s hockey Tons of various volunteer opportunities within these 5 years. I have founded and created a scholarship for students with disabilities who attend post secondary schools (currently at one college and one university). Lots of involvement with my community Down syndrome support group. Possible minor hockey coach this upcoming season (COVID makes it a bit uncertain). This upcoming summer I will be living in New Zealand and hope to grow the game of hockey by volunteering and running hockey camps as well as playing in their amateur league. Just wondering how these would stack up to other applicants, combined with my GPA. As well, how would a prospective school score the ec’s. I’m probably only going to apply to U of A and UBC. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
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