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  1. @Premedwithadream lool almost everyday someone posts this I hope so because the waiting is killing me.
  2. When are we expected to hear back? Also, do you receive your application score as well?
  3. Just want to check that we don't have to distribute it to Dalhousie somehow right? Casper automatically does this for us?
  4. Hey I'm OOP too I was wondering how you know if it has been verified or not?
  5. Same I received 9 emails. Did anyone message CASPER about this?
  6. How did you format it? Do you think a couple sentences on what I did, a story, and what I learned from the experience is okay?
  7. I think you can also send them an official transcript via email as long as your school sends it to them. At least that is what I did.
  8. Hey just wondering if anyone knows if you write in full sentences for the description if they will count this against you. Is it better you write in point form? So what I did is I described my role what I did and then a quick story about what I learned from the experience. Is this okay?
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