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  1. Sorry didn't see this - but no you're all good! Many of us seemed to have that feeling of needing to "officially submit" the application but it turns out that we just needed to submit each individual section.
  2. I submitted not long ago and didn't have that issue. Are you using chrome? If not maybe try chrome or another browser?
  3. For people who have had verifiers contacted in the past, is the verifier just required to verify what I've written is true, or expand on what I've written?
  4. I had this problem so I emailed them and someone from admissions checked and updated it. They are probably just backed up, but send them an email to be sure.
  5. What time on the 15th is the application due?
  6. What is the latest end date that we can put for the entries? I know UBC is June 1 of the application year but I haven't seen a similar rule for UofA.
  7. Does anyone know when the final admission stats usually come out? I believe only the interm stats for the 2024 grads are out currently.
  8. Hey! Are you on the first/primary application? The one that asks for demographic information and references etc.? Once you submit that, the secondary application will be available for you, where you submit all your extracurriculars.
  9. I have been emailing admissions about this today and my understanding is that the "Final, Official Transcript" is the final transcript that indicates you have graduated (if you have). For example I won't have my degree until the end of this semester so even though I've submitted my transcript, they said that that box won't be checked until I submit a transcript that confirms graduation on it, after this semester. Have you graduated already? If not, that is likely the case for you too. But definitely email them to confirm, they responded within a day or 2 for me.
  10. I'm feeling the exact same way! Hopefully the fact that we both feel this way means it is indeed the 15th.
  11. Hey! Long shot, but I sadly missed the NAQ zoom info session earlier this afternoon, and I'm wondering if anyone who attended came across anything unexpected or particularly helpful? Thanks in advance
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