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  1. Hello I got my MCAT score today and I was wondering what my chances are getting into UBC as IP and whether or not I should retake the MCAT. My stats: BC resident GPA: 3.80 (did poorly in my third year). wGPAs: I calculated it to 89% MCAT: 511 (124 CARS) (Comment on CARS: I've been getting ~127 on my practice exams and never gotten 124 but for some reason, I've been consistently getting 124 on my actual MCAT exam. While I do feel like I do have the potential to improve my CARS score, because I've been consistently scoring this low, I'm not sure if it's possible. Because UBC takes the best score, it wouldn't hurt to rewrite but if I do decide to rewrite, I only have 2 weeks to prepare and school has started so I'm not sure how much time I can dedicate to studying for the MCAT and what my chances even are for improving CARS. So my question would be do you think it's worth it to rewrite in 2 weeks or should I apply with this score and rewrite if my application is unsuccessful? Sorry for the ramble. Hope it makes sense.) Extracurriculars: Did the basic: research, volunteering (1000+ hours), leadership positions (longterm), sports (recreational). I want to think that my ECs are strong but who knows. I can elaborate on this if needed. Graduated BSc Honours 2020 and currently doing a fast track master's so I'll be done this year. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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