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  1. Hi everyone, I've been out of school for quite a while and since coming back to first year at UBC med, it's been incredibly overwhelming. Can anyone detail the logistics of how they study? How I studied in undergrad (many years ago) was just a matter of: 1) printing and annotating slides 2) rereading slides with 2 passes and then trying to "go over it" in my head as a form of active recall I don't know if that approach would still work and I'm hoping to hear how you studied for the various components of exam (MCQ, OSCE, lab) because it seems like classmates are now using Anki, writing condensed notes, etc, which I have never been a huge fan of because of how overwhelmingly time consuming it is to write summary notes/make flash cards. My undergrad was perhaps not as memorisation heavy as medicine so I'm completely nerve-wracked by the sheer volume of material. I am looking to hear what you find is the most efficient way to study because I'm finding myself so boggled down by the amount of material. Also, does anyone not watch the lectures and just read the slides and then use more active methods to recall and conceptualise the info? I find it very hard to engage and stay focused just passively listening the lectures.
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