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  1. @ShadesofCyan and @frenchpress Thank you for the replies! They are very encouraging and helpful.
  2. I attended one of those general UBC MD information sessions this week and, from my understanding, the speaker said that winter term 2 grades will still be considered when looking at grade trends post-interview. So I guess they aren't completely ignored in that sense.
  3. Hi, I'm a UBC fourth year student and although I am taking a full course load this year, I have been taking 4 courses up to now while working in a family business for 20 hours a week. Do you guys know of people who have gotten into UBC Medicine that haven't taken full course loads? Is it extremely difficult to get in this way? I am asking because there isn't a concrete consensus on how much a lighter course load hurts your application. I would like to know of people who have gotten in with lighter course loads because if UBC really doesn't like applicants that aren't full time during their whole undergrad, then what's the point of me trying and spending years applying? Any information about knowing people who have gotten in with lighter course loads would be extremely helpful! Thanks!
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