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  1. Hey everyone, so I’m applying to uoft and just started my personal statement and essay but I can’t seem to find any guidelines for it. All I can find are the page limits. Any help would be appreciated. Literally basic info would help like how are we supposed to format it, are there word limits, should we email them a PDF or word doc, etc?
  2. The dentistry gpa is your gpa converted to the McGill gpa. Local gpa is what your gpa is depending your university. They only evaluate the dentistry one because it’s on McGill gpa scale.
  3. They just won’t count winter 2020. Gpa is a number how would having more credits affect you? People apply in their last year without their final year grades and people apply after graduating so it’s not like the amount of credits you have affects anything
  4. Yeah the above poster is right. I only used the practice test from these companies and some of them were awful tests. I just did the Astroff one and it was a waste of time I ended up stopping halfway through cause the questions were bad. If anything just practice writing clearly and quickly. Also don’t pay for prep courses they do not help.
  5. Hi everyone, so I recently registered for the November cDAT and I got the prep book for the CDA for the test which includes a practice test. I was just wondering if it was a realistic example of the test or if it’s a lot easier than the real thing because I was able to easily do the chemistry questions and I failed gen chem and thought I’d struggle a lot with it. Please tell me if anyone knows the accuracy of those questions. All the best and thanks!
  6. McGill doesn’t require it. Also it’s like the Casper but instead of typing it’s a video so you’d say your answer. McGill used the Casper for the screening pre interview so they only use the scores your raters give you for Casper.
  7. Could you post what the email said? Or was it just a reminder to finish your application and pay the application fee?
  8. I know this is unrelated to the question, but how are people writing up their CV, like are you writing only the formal job description or are you writing up what you learnt and how the activities demonstrate CANMEDs qualities directly?
  9. Hey everyone, so I'm going through my application and I was wondering if anyone knew if my case would get any consideration for the academic context. So I'm currently doing a professional degree (PharmD) which McGill lists as an undergrad degree. I've already completed an undergrad B.sc which I'm using as my basis of admission degree. Since my second degree isn't my basis of admission, would I still get the bonus for it. Finally, would it be considered "post-bachelors" academics even though its they're both bachelor degrees?
  10. Ahh yeah my bad I’ll register the day before the registration opens. Thanks for opening my eyes if only I knew
  11. Thank you hopefully they open up more cause right now it’s looking like I can’t apply this year
  12. Does anyone know if they'll add seats or more test dates? I opened up the registration at noon the day it opened and every seat in my city was full. Right now all thats left are the french tests in Quebec city and Ottawa. It seems wildly unfair that the test is a requirement for programs still and yet we can't do it.
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