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  1. Heads up!!! More seats have been added in Ottawa and Québec City ! https://www.cda-adc.ca/en/becoming/dat/register_dat/dat_registration/step_1.asp
  2. Huh that's strange, I couldn't find the time anywhere when I checked :/ it only stated the date. I probably didn't look properly or something, thats my bad! But yea, 20 is nowhere near enough for big cities. Hopefully they'll be able to organize themselves better for the feb test.
  3. I saw the thing about snapshots on the CASPer website :C honestly im terrified. I hope they rely on the CASPer only like they did last year since i've been practicing my typing speed for a few months now, and I feel like I'd perform better with written questions. Also, this is more of a personal question but, have you gotten into med? I was wondering cuz, although I've only just made my account, I've been seeing you all over MEM, CASPer, and just general med discussions for over a year now. I really hope you've gotten in! Just from reading your answers to other people and seeing how much you've helped this premed community I'd love to see you becoming a doctor one day.
  4. The only way they could've known at what time the registration opened was if they were one of the people who registered on the 30th or 31st(at midnight) when the system opened up the registrations by accident. I was one of those people. I received an email from CDA saying that my registration was cancelled and that registration for the november DAT would open up at 10am on september 11th. Their website did not precise at what time the registration would open, just that it would be on september 11th. So there was absolutely no way of knowing unless you checked the website every hour. I was one of the first people to register (got my confirmation email by 10;10 approx.) and when I checked the website one hour later almost ALL the seats had filled up. There were only a couple seats left in Ottawa, Quebec City, and Halifax. I feel bad for the people who didn't get a seat but I dont blame them at all, its just bad luck. Either way you didn't have to be so condescending
  5. Hey, I was just wondering what you guys think will happen with the interviews this year. The pandemic still has a massive impact on our lives and I've started thinking about wether or not we'd have MMI's this year. Do you think that the MMI will be replaced by the CASPER like last year? Or will the Universities be able to organize the MMI's and respect physical distancing measures?... Maybe it's still too early to ask this sort of question but it's been on my mind since the interviews were cancelled for the 2020 admission cycle. (I'm a CEGEP student Btw)
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