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  1. Good point, I realized I should've contacted my school after posting this. My school only has delivery by mail actually but they say the promised delivery time should still be somewhat accurate. I've decided to just order it now before any more hesitation/delays. Thanks
  2. Would it be worth requesting a transcript to send to UBC from an Ontario school at this point in the app cycle? Has anyone experienced major delays in delivery (perhaps due to COVID) or is it fast? And once the transcripts are out there will be a tracking ID on the parcel right? I imagine the transcript could arrive without the application system updating. Thanks
  3. Should I apply to UBC as an OOP applicant with a 507 (125/124/130/128) and a GPA of 93.8/95? I realize the MCAT isn't factored until post-interview, so I wouldn't want to somehow make it to interviews but then be immediately SOL because of my MCAT. Does anyone know successful applicants with similar stats? Thank you
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