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  1. @Taco.catthey specifically mentioned casper. @dontasknn I wrote it on August 30. @PleasePleasePlease I did not do the snapshot yet.
  2. Hi I got the same email from dal this morning so you are not alone. I though the casper went pretty well and so I was a bit surprised. Not all Canadian schools require casper so there is still hope!
  3. @marsaturn20 I heard back from them today and my sister who also applied did as well saying that she still needs to complete the snapshot so if you got that one today then you probably met the capser cutoff!
  4. Yeah I kinda figured my chances for Ottawa and Mac would be pretty low now my gpa is pretty high but my cars is only 126 so mac was a longshot anyways. Oh well
  5. Hi I got it this morning and it says that my application has now been closed so I don't think would look at my snapshot even if I did it. Oh well thanks for the replies.
  6. Hi I am from Ontario got an email today from Dal that I am no longer eligible because of my casper score. I thought the casper went pretty well and now I am worried for applying to mac and Ottawa. Does anyone know if Dal has a higher casper score for out of province students?
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