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  1. Thank you, this was a good reality check for me. My problem is often overestimating many things, such as my knowledge on a subject, if I've studied sufficiently, if I have enough time to finish a project, etc. I've identified a lot of my flaws that have enabled me to get to this position, and you are correct: it will take a lot of work to overcome these changes.
  2. Thank you so much. I feel more inspired now than ever to work hard and get my sh** in check. I wasn't aware of the weightings of Ontario schools, but these all seem like good possibilities.
  3. Thank you for the reply. Using this semester as a 'tester' to see if I can pull off excellent grades seems like a good plan. And I can see myself enjoying other routes outside of med school, if I cannot pull my grades up. They may not be as fulfilling, but they can be enjoyable. Also, I've seen your post in the Admitted megathread, and I want to congratulate you on your recent acceptance! Your hard work and perseverance is inspiring.
  4. I need someone to be brutally honest with me and tell me if I'm being delusional. I'm currently a Bsc student at UBC. I was going through some problems in my first year, and I failed four courses, two in each term. I was put on academic probation and essentially had to 'redo' first year. Well, I ended up not changing my study habits much, and I failed two more courses that year. A total of six failed courses. Both years have averages of 55%. I was close to being asked to withdraw from the school. This term, I'm entering the second level of my degree, which is my third year at UBC. I'm feeling a lot better mentally this year, and ready to study my a** off. If I were to excel in my remaining years (I'm planning to take 5 years), would I have a shot at med school? It is a dream of mine, and has always been, as many people on here have (I don't think I need to elaborate). I don't want to have tunnel vision and be hung up on going into medical school if I have zero chances. Yes, its my ultimate goal, but I don't want to be over stretching myself with ECs and such if I have zero chances to begin with. It sucks that I may have killed my chances due to my first two years in university, even if I destroy the MCAT and my next three years. But I want some closure. I don't know anyone else in my life who is in medical school or in the medical field, so I don't really have anywhere I can seek guidance or advice. Please relay your honest opinions to me, and tell me if I should give up on aiming for med school. Its hard to admit my grades and failed courses on here; its something i've been ashamed of for a while. But I figured I would be honest in order to get honest opinions. Thanks.
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