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  1. Not healthy... but have just been sitting refreshing my email... apologies to my supervisor for the lack of productivity today
  2. Got a 513 on MCAT, not the best but also not the worst - purchased the Kaplan MCAT book set, and it was the best thing for me. Didn't do any courses, and full disclosure was only studying about every other evening for 2.5 months since I was also working full time. If you have the study skills to do it yourself, I'd say don't spend the extra money on the course. The book set costs about $300 if I remember correct, and it gives you access to online practice exams and questions for each chapter. You can also tailor your focus to what you need. There are also so many Khan Academy MCAT videos on YouTube if you need some extra explanation! On the other hand, if you need the accountability of a course to stick to a study schedule then do that!
  3. Anyone else going stir crazy and starting the countdown of X days until we hear back for interviews????
  4. Are you scored more favourably if you include 2 entries for each abbr. ABS? Currently have 2 entries for all sections with the exception of Social Accountability where I only have 1 (pretty solid though).
  5. I also did and completed about a week ago - says to disregard if you've already done it!
  6. on the bright side it's pretty quick haha! And less intimidating in that you're not directly speaking with someone - basically having a conversation with yourself
  7. Just went over some general interview questions, thought about my answers for a few days (i.e. who is someone you look up to/why?, what's your favourite book, why do you want to go into this profession). I found the questions to be similar to any job interview. Slightly introspective, so nothing you can overly prepare for. Definitely used the practice questions they had a couple times, watched my recordings to make sure I was giving enough eye contact. Also took the first few seconds of each question to gather my thoughts before answering - didn't always use the whole time allotted!
  8. Chances? IP 3.65 cGPA 127 CARS CASPer - think it went pretty well, was able to finish all questions with coherent thoughts (also didn't get a Dal casper rejection email) Last year of research MSc, pretty good ECs, quite a few publications (a couple first author, few second/third author), international conference experience
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