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  1. because I have close friends in 3 other Ontario schools and we compare what we are learning. I also have 2 friends in US schools. It's not hard to see how the depth of science taught differs between schools.
  2. Thanks, I understand your point about about the scores not being used regardless and that's a concern I have too before going through with this plan. However, I don't think it's fair because technically they could've taken it after first year as well if they wanted to. The school I'm going to is teaching minimum, and I mean it, MINIMUM science. I'm saying this to emphasize I wouldn't be in a better position than they are at the end of first year. I'm not saying I will, but hypothetically, if someone manages a good score after 1 year of medicine why should their score be thrown away?! Others could've done the same. I would say ignoring the score is what's gonna be unfair. I don't think going out of your way to use your own sets of talents to set you apart is "unfair" to others. I guess I could reach out to some residency directors and see if this is gonna be the case before putting myself through that! At the end, I can always try to do my best on STEP 2. I was wondering if there's a chance that pass and fail change will be pushed back a year? Edit: upon further reading, some are even suggesting that starting from class of 2022, only pass and fail will be reported to the ERAS. I guess it's truly a waste of time to write it to get a great score which means there's no use taking it after first year. This is just perfect :/
  3. I have a few family members in different states, also I feel like academics don't play a big role in matching to programs here where as in USA with STEP 1 scores you can use your academics to match if it's your strength. For example, my MCAT scores didn't help me past the cut off points in Ontario schools where as if I was applying in USA I would've had a shot in some Ivy league universities. Of course, If I match to a Canadian program I would still consider it/accept it but I just want to give US programs a shot too if my hypothetical USMLE score turned out ok.
  4. Hi, I'm a first year medical student in Ontario (I'm trying to remain completely anonymous for the potential backlash ). Taking standardized tests and academics is my biggest strength (528 MCAT, 4.0 GPA in a very rigorous program). I was looking forward to take USMLE and get a good score for matching to USA, but in 2022 (which is when I was supposed to take USMLE step 1) it's gonna be pass and fail, which won't help me with matching. It's much harder for me to work on the other parts of the application that make me competitive than do a test (do electives in US, get great LORs from the faculty of those universities). Hypothetically, if I do a lot of independent studying aided with a lot of background in all the topics of USMLE because of my undergrad, is it even possible for me to take USMLE after my first year? aka in the last year that it offers scores. I'm completely aware that I might end up not doing well but it's just a risk I'm willing to take as matching to a good program in US is not a necessity, just an added bonus if it happens (I have family members in USA, love some cities, etc). If I do bad, I'll just forget about it and focus on matching in Canada which doesn't require competitive test scores. One other issue I was thinking about is that the cohort that will be applying with me will have it as P/F. I would still be able to mention my score since I took it earlier but the majority will have taken it as P/F. I realize what I'm proposing is very unheard of and I wouldn't have dreamt of doing it they didn't change their system to P/F in 2022. I'm looking forward to hearing any other aspects I haven't considered.
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