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  1. Hi Greysweater, thank you very much for your time and your response. Yes it helps! That's what I did, I've put the 2 courses that I will have to take instead of the two below 70% in Cégep. However, I can't show right now that I'll be enrolled in these 2 classes because I have to wait the winter semester inscriptions date to enroll in these classes. But, I imagine this is okay and they will notice it as we have until late June to send our final transcripts (as you say). I'll do my best to let them know that, maybe by sending them an email via the application process? What do you think? I'll call again and hopefully speak to someone. Thanks again
  2. Hi, I am applying this year in the French stream at uOttawa. I have a bachelor degree in microbiology from Université Laval and now studying occupational therapy at Université de Montréal. I have all the prereqs asked at the university level except general and organic chemistry. However, I have completed these courses in Cégep but unfortunately, haven't score above 70% in all of the 3 chemistry classes (thanks to the lack of knowledge I had on myself and on what really drives me): Chimie générale: 60% Chimie des solutions: 72% Chimie organique: 68% Does that mean I'll have to take a general and organic chemistry class at the university during the winter semester? What do I indicate in the prereqs section? Do I put my Cégep chemistry classes or the chemistry classes that I will probably have to take at the university? I know that we have until late June to complete the missing prereqs and to send our transcripts to uOttawa. Thanks for answering. I have been trying to have a clear answer from the university but got no response, it’s been more than 3 weeks now. I also tried to call, no one answers to me... I don't get it ahaha Thanks again for helping if you can. You can answer in French if you want. Best to all of you.
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