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  1. I've worked with Marc Boyer as well. He's fantastic and will come to the school to sign paperwork. Highly recommend him at Scotiabank.
  2. I wouldn't worry about your chances with a 9VR and a 4.0 GPA if you are an in province applicant. Your VR score is okay and your GPA more then balances out that section. The personal attributes are worth 60% so that section will make or break your application.
  3. Vidhya

    MedZero :)

    It's really a great way to meet your new class and get familiar with the school. Like LostLamb said, any clinical skills that you practice you'll end up taking them again in a more formal small group, so no worries if you can't make it. But overall it's just a fun day, completely laid back, and comes with free food hooray!
  4. Actually you could apply at the beginning of your third year. So assuming 2014/2015 is year 2 in your program, you can apply during the 2015/2016 app cycle as long as you stay in Alberta from July 2014 to July 2016. Your acceptance would be conditional on maintaining the minimum GPA and full time course requirement for the 2015/2016 year, since the grades won't be available when you apply in the fall. This is also assuming you were full time for years 1 and 2. It's competitive but possible! (P.S. Good points as always Rmorelan, those flexibilities probably address my concern in that one area as well.)
  5. Vidhya


    Honestly, I don't think the DNC will be a big concern. You've managed 10 courses last year and 9 this year. Since the DNC doesn't have academic standing, it will probably just be ignored in any GPA calculations. I would just be careful about your grades in year 3 and 4. If you can continue with an uphill trend in your GPA then everything should be fine. If you feel that health or family issues may still be a problem at the moment, I would highly recommend taking a year or semester off until you're feeling better.
  6. Vidhya


    Does this DNC affect your course load in terms of minimum full time status for applying to med? Each school is somewhat different, do you know where you plan on applying? A little bit more info would be a big help. I can't see it affecting anything other than full-time status. The DNC does indicate you were in good academic standing in the course.
  7. Sorry I should have noted that this came from Dr. Walker's blog, he stated: "These changes were motivated by a desire to simplify the multiple different definitions that have previously been in place.." Not sure why he said that when there appears to be more definitions compared to before. I agree with you, this is about defining IP status, not about simplifying or complicating the process. Overall, the list of changes on the blog are pretty good. I'm just on the fence about one of them. Guess we'll see how it turns out!
  8. Vidhya

    CaRMS 2014 Statistics

    This is a silly question but in many of the reports they list quotas after reversion. What are they referring to when they say "reversion"?
  9. That's certainly a good point, I just worry that it may favor those with more resources that can stay through the summer. Calgary isn't cheap so I worry about those that may not be able to stay with the loss of their student loans. If you have lots of family support then parents can probably help you out over the summer. I'm just not sure I could have done it when I was younger. Now I'm an old married fart so it doesn't impact me haha.
  10. Welcome to the newly named Cumming School of Medicine: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/businessman-makes-largest-donation-in-university-of-calgary-history/article19197443/ I'll just leave this one wide open for everyone.
  11. Vidhya

    Top 10 Impact

    I completely agree. I sound like a broken record with harping on CanMeds traits, but it's really what they are trying to assess.
  12. Vidhya

    Top 10 Impact

    I think that's a great point Shematoma. Although arguably it could also extend out to other things. One of my top 10 was "completing research" or something like that, and I doubt I was alone there. It feels like half my current class completed research on some level (summer lab work, honours thesis, grad studies, etc). Like you mentioned I think it comes down to differentiating HOW these experiences are unique and has impacted you in one of the CanMeds traits. Otherwise, you're going to get lost in the crowd. Just writing that having a child has changed you as a person may not be very helpful to the file reviewer, but if you have a specific aspect of parenting (e.g. raising a child with a disorder, volunteering on school boards, helping your child through a learning disability, being a single parent, etc) may all be great experiences to draw on as you are strategic about it. I'm not sure if this will work for others, but I literally mapped out all my top 10, references and extracurriculars and tried to match them to the various Canmeds traits. As a result I chose to leave some experiences out because I came to realize that I was beating some traits to death and virtually ignoring others. This also appealed to my obsessive compulsive personality type lol.
  13. Vidhya

    Top 10 Impact

    I think you're spot on here. The year before last I didn't get in and didn't score anywhere near as high as I did last year. I didn't change any of my experiences, I just changed how I described them. I realized I wasn't getting across how they impacted me until I had a friend read them and say "I'm just not hearing how they personally affected/impacted you". The re-write certainly made a huge difference. I think being a parent is a perfectly reasonable. For example if I decided to adopt a child or foster a child, I would certainly think it would have a tremendous impact on me personally. So why couldn't your own biological children have a strong impact as well? It does worry me that Dr. Walker discourages it though. Not sure how to interpret that. Edit: Forgot to mention, make sure it falls into one of the six traits though. If you can't relate it to one of those sufficiently, it may not work.
  14. Vidhya


    Calgary doesn't penalize for multiple MCAT attempts so if you feel you can increase your score this summer there is certainly no harm in retaking it this year, and then writing the new one next year. It's always a slog to rewrite multiple years in a row but it's not the end of the world either (I wrote it three years in a row...yuck!) Just be cautious if you are planning on applying to other schools as well, some aren't as generous with multiple MCAT retakes. I know the US is very hard on multiple MCAT writes, but I would also investigate other potential Canadian schools before rewriting again. You don't want to accidently shoot yourself in the foot.
  15. Like Narwhale said above this upcoming year you can still apply with only 12 consecutive months of residency for the 2014/2015 app year. Since classes start sometime around July 25th usually (let say July 20th for argument's sake), people can come back a month early this summer and qualify for the 12 month residency requirement to start classes next summer. For those people aiming for the 2015/2016 app cycle, they can also come back before July 20th this year and aim to stay for next summer as well. Therefore they will have been here 24 consecutive months by the summer of 2016. It's definitely not easy if you've already gone home for this summer, but it's still workable with just over a month to try to arrange it. On another note, it's an interesting change but sounds almost more complicated than the previous system. Not sure I completely agree with the rule of having to stay here each summer while in post-secondary, since some students may find it financially challenging to stay with no student loans. Working full time for two years is one thing, having to go to school and stay for the summer with potentially no family financial aid is another. But that's just my opinion!