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  1. Interesting about UO - i didn't know that was the specific reason behind graduate removal. Did they publish that? Isn't it highly unlikely though for a person with a low gpa and a low MCAT to get in? I think Queens and UT both have pretty decent MCAT cuts for grads to meet to be qualified. I also thought the MMI format made it harder "to suck up" successfully? Seems like the medschools are trying to be more objective with their process like you pointed out, but I still think stats aren't everything - its the whole package. I'm also unsure if any one factor alone is a "very good predictor" of future success. If it were that simple, you'd think the adcom would just set cuts 3.95 and/or 40+. But this is likely a perspective issue more than anything.
  2. Your statement is a great example of a very narrow minded, career driven approach to medicine. I'm hoping my future classmates realize it's not just about their patients, but the actually welfare of their communities, cities, etc. If you are collegial and help and support each other, your impact goes much further than just your own career. Of course everyone has their reasons for going into medicine though, and I'm sure some people share your approach. It's unlikely we'll be hanging out much though.
  3. i don't think i've ever been happier for never having committed a crime and getting caught.
  4. Probably no surprise people who attend schools in the West, match out there more, and same for the East. I'm not sure if this really reflects on the schools much, but looks to be due to personal preferences of students who attend these schools (most people in west schools are from there, and more likely to stick around, and same for the east). I'm guessing looking at the % who match to their first choice might be a better indication, but I'm not sure. You likely need to look at a bunch of factors to sort all this out.
  5. no. but i've learned a ton researching the schools - both are awesome but also quite different. Either way, a few days to go. I don't think I'm holding things up for waitlisters either as the schools don't seem like they are going to let people know till after the deadlines.
  6. i thought they mighta changed that since I heard they have in the past, not been able to fill their OOP quota.
  7. LOL....i wonder who one of those five O-week members are? thanks for the reply.....pm-ed you
  8. Thanks Muse. Looks like the PBL portion is a minority but just how much depends on the week. When you say 5hrs/wk for "course material", are you referring to solving clinical presentation problems within the group or other types of studying?
  9. Hi, Just trying to understand a couple of things about the two curriculums and if anyone can shed some light, that would be great. 1) From reading up on both programs, it seems that a typical lecture at UC would start with a clinical presentation, and then work basic science into the lecture later on, whereas a typical lecture at UA would begin with the sciences and then work its way up to the clinical presentation. Is this right? I could have interpretted the information incorrectly so just wanted to check. I know no two lectures are the same but just looking for a general overview. 2) Related to the above question, how much of a difference is there at the two schools in terms of the emphasis on: a) clinical presentation and basic sciences. Again, if i had to guess, it seems as if UC stresses the former more, and UA the latter. Does either school have a better balance? 3) What kind of split is there in terms of time spent in lectures and PBL at both schools? I asked someone at the UA interview and they said 80% lectures and 20% PBL, and someone at UC said it was close to 50/50. Is the difference really that much? thanks - obviously I'm having a tough time deciding which school. I'm looking at other factors too (ability to secure summer internships in health care policy related positions or hospital admin.) but these are the curriculum related ones. sv3
  10. Where are you getting this number for UA? Just curious. PS - i think this 50 number pertains more to IP waitlist. the OOP waitlist definitely has to be long as I've heard both UA and UC generally have gone to the bottom of them.
  11. no facts here but 50 seems pretty small in comparison to waitlists at other schools. It doesn't hurt the school to be cautious and waitlist more than necessary than the other way round (just ask Queens about this)
  12. i was surprised to see studios and 1 bedrooms on campus at "mature" residences, but it is residence. Just thought I'd throw it out there. I'm looking for a studio or 1 bedroom where there is an abundance of food available all the time. I can't cook worth a lick and I eat about 7 meals a day.....bad bad combo
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