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  1. ABDC

    2010 UofA Waitlist

    Congrats! Hmmm, does anyone know or have an educated guess as to how many people are on the waitlist and maybe a guess on how many spots it has moved?
  2. Okay, cool. So how many OOP candidates do you think they interview?? I'm from OOP...
  3. Does anyone know if Manitoba has an in province quota? Also what is their breakdown for the admission process? Is the interview worth much?
  4. ABDC

    U of A interview

    I got one too...
  5. ABDC

    U of A interview

    Got mine RC: 21 PAT: 23 Carving: 29 Mine is scheduled for March 13th.
  6. I made the mistake of not sending in any transcripts :( After reading the comment section it looks like they won't even review my application... This has me so distressed because I already had an interview at UBC so I was pretty confident that I was going to get an interview at U of A, but my lack of action sabotaged myself
  7. Well it looks like I totally screwed up my application... I guess I'll have to try again next year :( :(
  8. So if I don't get an interview invitation today, does that mean I didn't get an interview?
  9. Hmmmmm, so if you applied do they notify you if you don't get an interview? Like I was wondering if they send you an email telling you that you didn't get an interview.