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  1. NewfieMike

    Md/phd Route

    unless you want to run your own basic science lab, I see no point in getting a PhD in combination with medical school. I even know some MD's who run their own labs (without having a PhD) but this is less common. I did a PhD because I am completely committed to a career as an academic physician, running my own lab. I'm tremendously happy that I did my PhD in combination with an MD and not during residency largely because at this stage in my life I have no other life responsibilities that would distract me from putting 100% into the lab. I know that financially it makes a lot more sense to do it during residency, but the often forgotten perk is MD/PhD studentships (mine is 6 years, 32k/year non-taxable and I get paid during medical school). Calgary was sort of a rare bird in that I was allowed to do my PhD and MD in any order that I wanted, so long as clerkship was a single block. So I opted to finish my PhD before ever starting med. Technically I'm the same as any finishing grad student who gets a med acceptance, but I get the perk of the studentship that continues during med.
  2. NewfieMike

    April 20Th Support Thread

    a few years ago we were told that notifications wouldn't go out until after lunch so don't bother checking your email until noon. They went out at 8:00 AM.
  3. It's not like these statistics are impossible to measure. 100% of our MD+ (MD/MSc and MD/PhD) students in CaRMS last cycle matched 1st to specialty and 1st or 2nd location.
  4. I'm grateful that I did my PhD before medical school, during my years with the least amount of responsibility outside of school. PhD's during residency are such an afterthought. Usually only ~3 years (well under the national average of 5), they are just generally weaker programs. I don't disagree with the financial decision to do the PhD after residency, but in terms of quality of science training, there's no equivalent to doing it either before an MD or in combination.
  5. you have to be living in Alberta 1 year before the start of the med class you wish to join, not the application deadline. So if the class starts on July 25th 2015, you need to be living in Alberta by July 25th 2014 and when you submit your application come October you submit as an IP resident.
  6. NewfieMike

    Really weird u of c med policy

    I know someone in this exact position. Defended late June, submitted shortly after. Grad degree doesn't apply for med app because the ceremony hasn't happened yet. It's silly.
  7. NewfieMike

    How to add "Exercise" on my OMSAS sketch?

    basically the difference between an interest/hobby/commitment and a verified "EC" is organization. If I ran 3x a week I wouldn't put that on a med application. If I ran 3x a week and that led to running 3 races each summer than I would. Same thing with sports. Me and my buddies used to meet up and toss a frisbee around for like 2-3 hours every Sunday. I would not put that on a med app. If I signed up for a city recreational ultimate frisbee league, than I would. In the end, put down whatever you want as long as you have space. It's not like it's going to hurt you. But small, unorganized activities are likely not going to count for very much.
  8. NewfieMike

    What's On Your Mind?

    there's always SOMETHING to do.
  9. I can't imagine anyone seriously believes that all degrees are of equal difficulty. Much more common around here are the people who claim that their program is more challenging than a similar program at a different university. You typically get this attitude from the 70% average people from UofT who compare them selves to people with 95% average at York, as a subconscious ploy to make themselves feel better about their decisions. Different schools have strengths and weaknesses, but in terms of getting into medical school, it really doesn't matter where you go as long as you do well. The smart student will pick a program they really enjoy doing at an institution where they will be rewarded for hard work.
  10. NewfieMike

    What's On Your Mind?

    today, on my route through the clinic to my morning hospital coffee place, I saw a student volunteer. He was sitting, volunteer vest on, alone, reading an MCAT physics prep book. I haven't felt this angry in a long time. I wanted to tell him that he is the problem with the admissions process in Canada.
  11. NewfieMike

    What kind of car do you drive?

    been drooling at this one all day. Half convinced myself to just drop it in full on the LOC: http://www.autotrader.ca/a/Audi/A4/CALGARY/Alberta/5_16914692_20110323090217759/?ursrc=hl&showcpo=ShowCPO
  12. NewfieMike

    What kind of car do you drive?

    To make a car compete with the Corolla and Civic, VW took redid the 2011 Jetta by essentially making a lot of parts crappier. This includes aesthetic things like the interior, which is all hard plastic, but also structural things, like the rear suspension. It has 115 horsepower, essentially nothing. I need a good 30 seconds or so to pass people on the highway. I have fog lights that break if I drive over gravel (word of the service dept guy) and they cost $200 to replace. Also it has the turning radius of an aircraft carrier. Pluses: so much space. I can fit 4 people with luggage and ski gear no problem. Large 60 L tank means I can drive to Edmonton and back on a single tank with some to spare. This was my first car. I lived in Calgary for 6 months without one but in frigid January it just became impossible. So I took out a 48 month lease to make my payments small. And they are, like ~230$ a month. Now I'm ready to upgrade. I only put on like 10,000 km a year, so I'm looking for a vehicle with like 75-80 k gone on it, because I will get a lot of longevity out of it. Learned that tip from Top Gear.
  13. NewfieMike

    What kind of car do you drive?

    2011 VW Jetta. Getting sick of it, though. Looking for a used Audi when my lease is up.
  14. Calgary rental market is the worst I've seen it in the 3 years I've been living here. I would recommend starting to search for a place yesterday.
  15. I've almost completely dropped the idea of doing Neurosx because of this. I just can't rationalize spending that much time training only to maybe get a job... somewhere.