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  1. Maxime

    3 Years Im And No Match?

    Can't comment for GI, but in cardiology the job market is tight. There are openings, but it's definitely not like it used to be. Also, subspecialty is also to be considered (very difficult in cath/EP right now). Everybody does get a job though, haven't seen anybody on welfare
  2. Maxime

    Internal Medicine (Gim Vs Subspec)

    During your 3rd year of IM, you have to apply to Carms for the GIM subspecialty match... You can't just continue your training. Same thing applies to Cards, endo... Normally internists do not see kids. They have no paediatrics exposure at all during their residency. Doing subspecialty training will expose you to kids (I did 2 months of Paeds/Congenital), however adult care is still the VAST majority of what you will see. Concerning Paeds subspecialty in IM, no idea.
  3. The job market is definitely competitive, but job offers definitely do exist (I can attest to that . For interventional, the market is tougher, as the market saturated a few years ago, and guys doing interventional are usually quite young (will not retire soon) - making outlook on jobs not so favorable. I don't know any cardiologists not working when they're done, however you may not get your location/position of choice when finishing - this is also starting to apply to most subspecialty fields (GI, GIM, Renal...also surgical)
  4. Switch if you don't like FM, I switched out 6 years ago for the same reasons as you, never looked back!
  5. Maxime

    5 year vs 4 year GIM program

    Nah, you could open or work in a GIM clinic if you wanted, as long as you have the internal medicine license, you can work pretty much where you want (if others will hire you to do GIM, maybe.. Some hospitals want subspecialists to cover GIM call). However, most people in subspecialty prefer working in their subspecialty, as it is their area of expertise, and the one they're most comfortable in.
  6. Allo MedP, Ayant fréquenté Sherbrooke et une autre fac, et ayant enseigné aux externes, je peux répondre à plusieurs de tes questions: 1. L'APP c'est une excellente facon d'apprendre, très clinique. Ayant comparé les étudiants de Sherbrooke et ailleurs, il n'y a vraiment aucune différence. UdeM est quasi toute APP aussi, comme plusieurs autres fac au Canada... Pour la recherche, il n'y a aucune différence entre UdeS et les autres, c'est pas l'opportunité qui va te manquer. Aucune inquiétude avec n'importe quelle fac, tu seras très bien préparé. 2. Il y a bcp de gens d'ailleurs. Pas aussi multiethnique que McGill, mais c'est comparable aux autres facs. 3. Aucune importance. Les notes pré-clinique et externat, ca c'est important. Le bénévolat, ca ne t'aide pas pour la résidence. Un peu de recherche durant le pré-doc aide aussi, mais pas obligatoire. 4. Oui. Pas d'ententes, mais c'est facile. Juste besoin d'approcher un patron qui fait de la recherche. Je connais des gens qui ont fait ca sans problème. 5. Oui, durant le pré-doc j'allais 2 fois semaine à Québec... T'as des temps libre ou tu dois étudier et préparer la discussion, mais la réunion de groupe a un horaire prédéterminé et n'est pas flexible. Je faisais aussi 2 fois semaine Sherbrooke-Montreal durant la résidence, qui est NETTEMENT plus occupé que le pré-doc... c'est quand meme pas bien loin... 6. Apparte ou résidences, a peu pres 50/50. Ton choix...
  7. Maxime

    5 year vs 4 year GIM program

    They might not be grandfathered in, but they can still sit for the exam. I know at least 2 academic centre staff who wrote the exam this year.
  8. Maxime

    Biomed Ou Autre

    Bien d'accord avec Alex, moi j'ai fait 2 ans en biochimie à Québec avant d'être admis en médecine et pharmacie. Choisi ce que tu aimes, car l'admission en médecine n'est jamais garantie, et biomed, il y a très peu de débouchés... De plus, c'est beaucoup plus facile de performer quand on aime ce qu'on fait
  9. Maxime

    Mcgill French?

    There is a significant amount of patients that are Francophone. That being said, there are many residents from the Middle East/USA/ROC that don't speak french fluently. There are classes in medical french that are given free of charge by McGill during your training.
  10. Maxime

    MSM Match

    The challenge depends on the specialty, site and interest for that particular specialty during that particular year (some years cardiology, GIM.. are extremely popular, others not - it seems to be cyclical). For the LMCC 2, I know the carms website does pull your score from MCC (you have to authorize it - not sure how much of a real choice you have) when applying. I seriously doubt that the numerical score obtained influences the final decision, but having a failure may definitely raise eyebrows.
  11. Maxime

    US Residencies recognised in Canada

    You need to carefully research the field you're interested in before leaving. I know for a fact that neurology is not recognized... Internal mediicine will not give you a right to practice here after 3 years (as in the US - you need at least one year, and probably 2 by the time you finish of extra training ). Anesthesia is not recognized in the states (I heard from a resident in that field). Problem is is that residencies are sometimes not the same duration, which can complicate recognition.
  12. Yeah, people in my year faired very well, gaining spots everywhere in Canada in competitive specialties.
  13. Pas de problème pour les prêts et bourses. La dernière session d'été est très courte, tel que mentionné. Plusieurs étudiants ont 1 mois off avant de débuter la résidence, donc font juste mai en session d'été la dernière année.
  14. Maxime

    Quebec programs

    If you don't speak french, it's not the best idea, for obvious reasons. A bit like applying to Calgary, but you don't speak a word of english...
  15. Je ferme ce thread, car il y a une duplication. Suivez l'autre dans le forum de UdM