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  1. I have Stahl's textbook but not the prescriber's guide. It seems there are 2 versions of this on the App store, but neither one has a great rating.
  2. I have recently transferred into Psychiatry. Do any Psychiatry residents have recommendations for a good psychopharmacology app? I'm not loving UpToDate as a quick reference for dosing guidelines. Thanks
  3. Anyone at Thunder Bay/Sault Ste Marie/North Bay for Residency and can tell me what it's like to live and work in those communities?
  4. I wish they added the 3 psychiatry fellowship spots to the general psychiatry residency program instead. There is a great need for general psychiatrists and the Dal program is very competitive with a limited number of positions!
  5. I have already transferred residencies so please remove this post
  6. Where can I verify this? Today I called CaRMS, ERAS, and NRMP and no one could give me an answer either way.
  7. If I have already nearly completed my PGY1 in Canada, can I still apply to PGY1 programs in the states? Or is it like CaRMS where I would only be able to apply for leftover spots?
  8. What do all of these abbreviations stand for?
  9. Also, are Canadians considered IMGs when applying to the states? And what matching service is used?
  10. Thank you! For clarification, do you write Step2 CS before Step2 CK?
  11. Which USMLE exams would I need to take to apply for residency? Is it both Step 1 and Step 2 CK?
  12. Because I have a blood injury phobia that may prevent me from completing family med
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