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  1. Does anyone know when they are due? The website says the application is due Nov 1 but when I add a referee, the "default" due date is set to Nov 15.. Which one is it? Thanks
  2. Hi guys, I was wondering if it's okay to have one of your reference letters the same as last year's? I haven't done anything "new" with one of my referees and there aren't any new experiences that he could really talk about. Would it be okay for him to send in the same reference letter? ps. I had interviews last year so I think the letter was good
  3. Thanks!! It works for me now as well. For anyone using the newest mac operating system, mac OS X lion, you have to install java manually from apples website!
  4. Same!! I've tried safari, chrome, and firefox with pop ups allowed on all three and I still can't get the "other" window to open. I am running Mac OS X Lion.
  5. Alright thanks, I guess I will have to look for another computer because internet explorer won't run on my macbook.
  6. Still doesn't work for me with google chrome... When I click on a test, it opens up a new window that has a yellow box stating "Do not close this page or navigate from this page while you are working with online content..." and there is nothing else. How are you guys getting the tests to show up?
  7. Are you guys able to open and do any of the practice tests??
  8. “In Business, the image of a product is more important than the product itself” In general, the overall goal of a business is to maximize profits. One way that businesses try to achieve this is by presenting a good image of a product through packaging. Consider a major bodybuilding supplement company such as BSN who specializes in selling whey protein, pre workout supplements and multivitamins. The packaging of their “Syntha 6” whey protein blend includes a bright red label that has words such as “innovation” and “science” to try to create an image of a product that has been thoroughly studied and tested. Furthermore, Ronnie Coleman, who is an eight time Mr. Olympia record holder, endorses this whey protein supplement. For those seeking to compete in the bodybuilding world, they may be mislead that this product is a necessity to achieve such a title. However, the product is just a whey protein powder with quality that is equal to its competitors. In this sense, the image of the protein powder is more important than the product. On the other hand, there are instances in which the product is more important than the image it upholds. For example, when a consumer chooses to purchase a new computer, they are more concerned with its hardware specifications than its appearance. The new HP netbooks appear to be slim and light weight, however, they lack the internal components that allows it to keep up with today’s memory consuming applications. Since computers have become an integral part of most people’s daily lives, it is essential that one chooses the best possible hardware to perform the tasks that needs to be accomplished. In business, whether the image of a product should come before the product itself depends on the intended use of the product. With bodybuilding supplements, they are used to enhance the diet that the bodybuilder consumes and are not a necessary part of their diet since those macronutrients can be ingested with whole foods. As such, the image of the protein powder is what companies such as BSN will use to sell their products. However, if the product that is to be sold is a necessity to the consumer such as a computer, the quality of the product comes first.
  9. I got an email during reading week informing me that I have been given the award and that I will be receving a letter in a few weeks but it didn't say suggest anything in terms of a reply
  10. Are you sure that we have to respond to accept/decline the award in a week?
  11. Really? I received my notification during reading week... and I go to mac.
  12. I was under the impression that each faculty at each university gets a certain number of NSERC recipients so you would be competing against your own peers. So wouldn't the 'cut-off' be dependent on your class and program?
  13. I would suggest taking orgo at mac in the Summer. I have friends who took it during that time and they found it fairly easy. I personally took orgo 1 last term and I thought the material wasn't very hard. You just need to commit time to it and learn to apply the material (ie. you have to problem solve with the reactions that you memorized)
  14. I should have explained the situation more clearly in my initial post. There were three rooms who wrote the same exam, 2 rooms started on time, but one room was late in getting set up. The invigilator in my room didn't allow people to enter the room until 2 minutes before the scheduled exam time and people like myself were still entering the room 15 mins into the exam (400+ students to check id in a single file line). I was at the back of the line and figured that they wouldn't start the exam until everyone was seated. However, when I got into the room, I could see that other students had already started the exam. I wrote my exam and the invigilator stopped the exam as if everyone started writing at the scheduled time which means I lost 15 minutes standing in line waiting to get into the exam room. I cannot see a fair way to revise the marks in this situation because depending on your "position" in the line, some people got more time to write than others. The invigilator totally screwed up by starting the exam before everyone was seated
  15. So I had my exam yesterday on the first day of exams and the invigilator totally screwed up the timing of the exam. It was suppose to be a 2 hour exam but I only ended up getting an hour and 45 mins because they were late at allowing students in the room. However, the invigilator stopped the exam as if they were on time and I lost 15 mins of writing time... What would you guys do in this case?
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