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  1. FYI, If you are a current dental student and from the Ottawa(ish) region, you can apply for the Ottawa Women Dentists Study Club bursary. Info is in the following link http://owdsc.ca/the-owdsc-bursary/
  2. So, I went to see my dentist last week. I love her, she's young, funny, and very honest. She's been practicing for about 4 years now. When I told her I was accepted she went on to show me her teeth and describe the extensive work she had done to make the absolutely perfect. She told me to brace myself because healthy straight teeth are simply not enough, and some professors will not be kind about it. So, I'm heading to my hometown to get a few veneers done just to even out the slight length difference between some of my top teeth on each side, and to straighten out a single, ever so slightly angled tooth. I'm happy to get the work done, I just wanted to share what I had learned with my fellow pre-dents.
  3. The CDA emphasizes the artistic aspects of dentistry. In my interview, they really liked that I had a history of fine art training. Not only that, but that training really helped with PAT and carving. So, just a thought, as you are trying to ram as many cool ECs into your schedule as possible, maybe consider signing up for some community art courses. They also loved that I really knew tools and could talk extensively about different types of drill bits. Maybe, invest in a dremel and do some at home woodworking or etching or whatever activity a dremel could be useful for. Being comfortable with handling a small drill will no doubt come in handy.
  4. Hi McGillites..McGillers...McGillians...whatever you want to be called, I'm starting dentistry in Sept and really excited for it. I was wondering if any current McGill meds or dent students could share some thoughts on their first year experience. (I posted here since med and dent share most classes in 1st year and there's so many more meds than dents) The good, the bad, whatever, just share your insights and wisdom whatever they may be. What to look forward to? What to be cautious about? What do you wish you had known going in? Anything really. Thanks guys!
  5. So, my fiance is always making the dorkiest analogies about everything. Really groan-worthy cr@p most of the time, but this one I just had to share. So, you know how people are always asking what the best course of action is to compensate for a underwhelming undergrad gpa? Grad work, ECs, etc, and forum members are almost always recommending additional undergrad years to boost gpa. Well, Hubby busts out with this golden nugget of insight that just about had me spewing coffee all over "So, let me get this right. Someone with an amazing undergrad gpa is like the really hot girl at the party that everyone wants to talk to, even if she's rumoured to be a total b!tch, and someone with an awful undergrad gpa, no matter what amazing things they add to it, is hideous but really really charming and generally gets ignored?" My hunny's a corporate whore who never went to university, his take on things is always...er...interesting. However, it seems so true. Amazing candidates get treated like garbage if they don't have absolutely incredible grades, and everyone knows some 4.0 wacko who they shudder to imagine as a doctor who gets a ton of interviews.
  6. Hey folks, Congrats to everyone who got accepted on Friday, WOOHOO!!! Now for the fun part, debt! I dealt with LOC issues back in March, so I thought I would share a little bit of what I discovered. 1. Not all branches have much experience dealing with med LOCs, some that are closer to med schools have more experience, some branches have specialists. 2. Make sure you really like your banker, this account makes you a very valuable client to your branch, so if your banker is being a douche or uninformed, do not sign anything they put in front of you! 3. Because your account is so valuable to them, if you don't like your banker, or the branch they are with, you will have a b!tch of a time switching branches once that paperwork is signed. (I ignorantly didn't realize how independent each branch is as a business). 4. Guidelines are not rules, they are guidelines. In the end, you can be approved for a debt total of 150K (!!at prime!!) plus a 5K credit card. How this is doled out to you, however, (ie, your allowance) will be determined by guidelines. Some bankers will insist that the guidelines cannot be broken. They are wrong. In the end, they offered to remove all limitations on my account without me even asking. 5. Whatever existing credit you have will take away from how much they can lend you. Even if you have an LOC with no balance, they will not extend you more than a certain total of credit (150K !!at prime!!in most cases). This also includes any outstanding debts you currently have. *sigh* yep, that means if you have a 35K LOC right now, they will only give you an additional 115K. If you need more, they will probably ask for a cosigner. (They may ask, but see my point about "guidelines" above) Maybe I'm the only twit out there who didn't know these things already, but I went in thinking that it would all be straight forward. It wasn't. Hopefully, for all of you, it will be. Don't end up like me watching other students get treated like royalty while I got treated like garbage for pointing out that my banker made a mistake.
  7. Having gone through both, I still don't know, what's worse? -Knowing exactly what day acceptances are sent out? -Only knowing a vague time frame? Building anxiety, or obsessively checking e-mail/account status?
  8. I imagine most of us have (or will have to) answer this in interviews, but I'm curious...why dentistry instead of medicine?
  9. So, um, yay me. I've been in school for 7 years now. Crazy amounts of studying for straight As, ECs, volunteering, research, working an average of 10-16 hrs a day, graduated with a damn medal, ect. Y'know, the typical story of pretty much everyone on here, just to get into med/dent/law, etc. Was rejected from Med twice. First time no interview, second time after interview. (maybe 3 times, we'll see in 2 weeks) Now I'm off to dental school (which is what I actually wanted) Woot! Sooooooo nice to have an idea of what my future will be. So, on the advice of ALL of my friends in professional programs, I'm taking the summer off. Yep, the entire summer off, and getting a lot of bitter flack about it. I don't care, I'm doing it so I'll be dying to get back to school for another 5+ years of 10-16 hour days and insane studying...sweeeeet, sweeeeet nectar of knowledge... Now, the issue is that I suck at vacation. Seriously. I simply suck at this, even worse than I suck at golf. It's not that I can't handle free time, it's just that free time loses all of it's value when it doesn't feel like a naughty indulgence where I should be doing something productive, but instead I'm watching reruns of America's Next Top Model on syndication at 2:00 am. I've even joined an expensive gym, just so I can feel guilty for not going. How demented is that? I'm not complaining. I'm as happy as I could possibly be. Just wanted to share this perspective with the very few people who might get it. Congrats to all of you accepted, whether it be your 1st or 9th time applying, whether you applied to 2 or 30 schools, the self-doubt is finally over! Woot!
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