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  1. Hey Satsuma, I was wondering which city you're working out of? To my understanding, I hear its also very city dependent as well too. Thanks!
  2. Hey, thanks all for the input, there certainly is a lot to think about. I agree that it is very difficult to predict what future trends will be. After speaking to many anesthesiologists during to my rotation (both young and those with lots of experience), it would seem that the general consensus is a) there are fewer jobs than before (not that they're aren't any) because fewer doctors are retiring due to the downturn in the markets - those this will just be a transient effect the anesthetists who will be retiring work more hours than their younger colleagues - due to our generation of wanting a work/home balance - therefore more of us will be needed to fill the gap c) even though the trend is moving towards more ambulatory care - therefore quicker cases, the increasing number of baby boomers who will need more surgical treatment will require more anesthetists in general. So when given 2 specialties that I like for all intents - equally, in light of this new information, it still is hard to pick but at least I am more informed. Thanks again for all the input!
  3. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knows what the job prospects for Anesthesiology and Emergency are? Those are the two specialties that I am interested in. From what I understand, it may be difficult to find positions in either in larger urban centers (popln > 200,000 in Canada) due to saturation of those fields and physicians not retiring yet. I was wondering if anyone could provide some more insight on that though. Thanks!
  4. Hey med students, I was wondering if any of you have any suggestions for a good resp textbook? I am looking for something that is: - not too hard to read - easy to carry - well organized (presents chapters and its information in a logical order [ie: etiology, pathology, pathophysiology, symptoms, physical examination, test results, treatments, summary]) As an example, a really good textbook is Pathophysiology of Heart Disease by Leonard Lilly for cardio. I find that a lot of textbooks go into too much detail where it becomes difficult to read and also clinically irrelevant. Thanks!
  5. Hey all! I was wondering if anyone on this board had anything positive or negative to say about the disability insurance offered through CFMS? Today, they made a sales pitch which seemed really enticing (aren't all of them like that? ) but I wanted to hear from you guys what your opinion of disability insurance for med students (and CFMS's plan) is so I can make a more informed decision whether I should go for it or not. Thanks!
  6. Have you considered volunteering with SWITCH? It's a clinic run jointly by health care professionals and students in Saskatoon. Here's a link for more information: http://www.switch.usask.ca/
  7. You know, I would still try to apply for the College of Medicine here at the UofS and perhaps explain your situation to the admissions committee. Maybe there was a reason why you didn't perform to what you expected on VS that perhaps needed some explanation? During my VR section, a baby started crying 1/3 of the way in (long story as to why there was a baby there) so I made sure all the med schools I was applying to knew about that (I had a letter from the AAMC confirming that there indeed was a baby who was crying). It certainly doesn't hurt to try to apply!
  8. That question is probably better directed to the admissions committee than med students and pre-professional students.
  9. I thought originally there was 12 spots (way back in January), then the official number became 4 (money from the Saskatchewan government when they announced the budget), in which the College of Medicine was thinking about not accepting the four spots just because while the money was there for the additional 4 spots, the infrastructure wasn't there to support the additional students, and the money spent to support the additional four wasn't worth it. I then spoke with Heather Mandiville on the 23rd and she told me an additional 9 spots has been added this year. So my best guess is that someone/someorganization coughed up the money for an additional 5 spots so that the upgrade in infrastructure is worth it for 9 students. Either that or this fall is going to be very cramped in the Anatomy lab
  10. I applied for the 2011 class. I was under the impression that you must get > 70% in each of your prerequisite classes and your overall average (prereqs + electives) must be > 79.5%. On an aside, I would like to know whether the mean for the GPA has gone up or down compared to previous years, seeing how an additional 9 spots opened up.
  11. Hey UofC med students (and pre med students!), I am just starting my first year of medicine at UofS this fall and I was wondering if any of you know whether you can intern with the Alberta STARS as a med student? (I realize this question is a little early, but I figure since I'm a province away, it wouldn't hurt to start early). I remember when I was going to the foothills hospital to study for the MCAT in the very nice med school building, I saw the STARs helicopter land, I thought it would be amazing to do something like that. Since I'm very passionate about flying (I have my private pilots license), I figure there would be no better job to do in the summer than to see if I can work for STARs! Thanks for the responses in advance! snplow
  12. I just found out, for those interested in the iPhone: http://www.bestbuy.ca/marketing/iphone/EN/default.asp?logon=&langid=EN
  13. I already have an apartment up in Saskatoon, but I'm going up there this wkend to take care of a few things (I live in Regina). If I have time, I'll see if I can grab the numbers to the landlords of certain apt complexes that I know are close to the university and post them here.
  14. I think right now the iPhone is only available in the States, and only through a 3 yr contract with AT&T mobile as well... for $600USD... As for Rogers, I don't think their coverage will be any better than Telus. In fact, I think it might be worse. Because Rogers uses a GSM networks, they have to build their own towers to service the people in Saskatchewan, whereas Sasktel's CDMA networks is compatible with Telus's CDMA phones. However, since I will spend most of my time in either Regina or Saskatoon, I figure going with a GSM phone (Rogers or Fido) is better since it can be unlocked and used anywhere in the world (Europe and Asia are all on GSM networks). I wanted to see if GSM gave acceptable levels of signal quality by asking that question on this thread:) .
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