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  1. I hate pants. Have not worn pants for 7 years.
  2. I wouldn't do it. My parents wanted me to, then I explained what call was. My parents said absolutely no. HAHAHA.
  3. I didn't know there were 352 options?
  4. Renin

    Dog Owners?

    All the cats I have put holes in my tights. The newer the tights the more holes MUST BE PUT IN THE TIGHTS.
  5. Renin

    Dog Owners?

    But dogs are just full of furry love and at the end of a day where it's like EVERYONE hates you, it's so refreshing that your dog just LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE OMG LOVES YOU!!!! (Golden Retrievers for the win!)
  6. Renin

    Flat Affect And Doctoring

    I'm not really an expressive person either, but over time I felt the need to be more expressive and have more social mannerisms. I have read books and taught myself, and if you find someone that you think is friendly and approachable, see if they can offer you any pointers. I spent a lot of time watching old movies, because I liked the way they were able to have more gentle mannerisms.
  7. I think you'd get a great experience working with either of our CL teams They're the best!
  8. Renin

    Dog Owners?

    I've been struggling with this for years; it's not possible by yourself, especially when you're on call and when Fido needs to potty. I've decided on putting off getting a dog until I'm staff. It's not fair to the dog.
  9. Renin

    Carms 2016- 2Nd Iteration

    Start making cold calls to programs and see what they can offer you - your best bet is the your home school and some of the bigger/more flexible programs (ie: family); talk to anyone you can if you're still serious about matching this year. If not, start making plans for next year.
  10. It's a lot easier if the pregnant person isn't the one in med school, which seems to be your case. Definitely doable.
  11. Renin

    Carms Results 2016

    Is it possible for you to talk to your program about what can be done? I'm assuming that you had a decent shot at your home school, and if you're limited, that might be kind of a last kick at the can. IM is usually a pretty big program... so maybe more chance they will be more flexible with making just ONE more spot for you? *hugs* I am so sorry.
  12. Renin

    Any B.ed.'s Or Teachers In Here?

    I was able to achieve an exceptionally high GPA in B.Ed. ... but then again, I'm also a good teacher. My personal experience is that learning how to teach has been very useful in medicine. You learn how to communicate very effectively, and of course, as a resident, I love to be able to teach effectively as well!
  13. Renin

    Interview Outfit

    I read uggs and had to say something.
  14. Practice talking in front of a mirror. Actually say these things out loud. Then you'll know you look, and how you sound. Find someone who is charismatic and watch how they phrase things, and how they move their hands and pause in their delivery. It's never a bad idea to sound confident, but that you've also put some thought into it, with deliberate pauses.