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  1. If you wish not to consider U of T, then you're only looking at the second best. No university in this country is more reputable or has more marketability than U of T. I know opinions vary but strictly basing my say on these 2 criteria. And I am not sure you'll find one straight answer. Preferably a school with strong science reputation (Mac, for instance, was the third most intense school in research despite its small size) since chemistry would be an appendage to it.
  2. What is African American culture? So if people like Oprah and Denzel Washington are in mainstream American culture (not that there is anything drastically different from American culture specific to blacks) they lose their identity as African Americans? Or are you referring to truly African Americans living in ghettos and troubled with law? If Asian in Canada isn't from continent Asia, why he/she still Asian? I don't think racism refers to genealogy/family tree, he's black that's the bottom line. And you should know that there's a reason first year biology is not taught to sociology/humanity students; there are big issues in society associated with blacks or other visible minorities that don't manifest genotype.[/quote His race still would have cost him the presidency had it not been for economic meltdown and Sarah Palin. I guess you missed references to Obama as terrorist, elitist, or Arab. All that were issues related to his race; people wouldn't vote because he's black. I think you're mistaking African American identity as modern century's slaves. There are many African Americans who are in similar position or even better position in terms of education and privileges. The fuss about the First African American president is not in terms of how blacks live today but the transition US has made since the abolition of slavery some 200 or so years back. After 2 generations, the most powerful man is black. That's why it is such a big deal because no one could hope that today will come at least not when we still have plenty of racism.[/quote Voter turn out especially among blacks was really high and that's just because he's black. Didn't he work in Chicago as a community organizer?
  3. Stop scaring the guy. It happens sometime we think we aced sh!t only to be bum fukked. But perhaps, OP might wanna take it like a real man or a woman and not create such a fuss over 60-something mark.
  4. I think McCain really did a good job in his concession speech; he looked relieved that the darn thing is over. Palin, meanwhile, looked pale and sad. I think now's time to see what Obama will really do for America, so much for his grandeur of rhetorical speeches. But I guess as a Canadian the entertainment is over. It was pretty good real life drama while it lasted. Thanks to Republican participant Palin and Joe-the-plumber. And for the climax, in case our viewers missed it, it was Oprah along with Jasse Jackson sobbing among many other non-celebrity guests. See you next time, same place, 4 years later.
  5. I am surprised that in a diverse country like Canada, the political environment is still relatively homogenous. Say what you may, but even Canada would have issues with a visible minority as PM.
  6. Well but by no means should you feel deterred to donate blood. If it was in good spirits, you ought to keep donating. Also, I don't think donating blood is the same as ECs etc. but if you've donated 20 times then I think it says something about you and others (obviously good stuff) who donate on regular basis. But I'd agree that it will come across presumptuous on application.
  7. I believe some schools in US still want explanation for writing >3x. For some Canadian schools it's >5x.
  8. I really hope by that time we all are either in med schools or have found some alternative profession. Will be quite sad to keep trying until 2012.
  9. I hardly doubt your second undergrad won't be counted after your master's. No school I know is using this policy. If anything grades for both your undergrads will be calculated for cGPA (undergrad) and then any perks associated with master's. So I'd say all schools don't care about your timing of second undergrad.
  10. I think it'd be wise to have him write the WS and VR only. I doubt he'd be good in other 2 sections. But then again by January he'd be the President, so they will have to give him a 45T. What's his wife doing in late January anyway? May be she can write mine?
  11. Hey Law, I understand you will be re-writing in Jan but how're you going to manage the time? I understand you'll get max 2 to 3 weeks studying. Not much revision can be done once school starts in Jan. I ask because I am in a similar situation. PS: If you don't mind me asking, how many full length exams you did before the actual deed? I believe my short coming was due to my reluctance to try a lot of FL and rather practice on abstract 1001 questions from Examkrackers. Cheers And make sure you tell your grandkids how persistent you were to be a doctor. I sure will! *day dreaming now...* lol
  12. Good luck guys. Hope you beat your own expectations.
  13. Some medical students would at some point give a body part away to get out of medical school. I suggest you hold on to your nuts or limbs in case you need them then.
  14. If meds is what you are really keen on, then with that GPA doing a Master's is not really going to help. Only a handful of schools do actually consider grad work, most don't. Stay at Mac, do extra 2 yrs of some other degree. You'll get loads of transfer courses and can be done with 2nd degree in 2 years. You won't need to repeat pre-reqs as far as I am concerned but if you have them you can get those transferred for 2nd undergrad just in case. You will need another honours for Western. You can apply after your first year of 2nd undergrad with a 3.7+ along with good MCAT. There are tons of posts on this on pre-med as well as traditional sections on this forum. Good luck! While at it, do more ECs.
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