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Found 85 results

  1. Based on your past experience or if you had it clarified by someone, what does this line mean? (found on the application) "Note: Only applicants whose files are complete will be notified of the decision of the Admissions Committee after the meeting." I am doing a 1-year master's which will be completed by August 2018, and degree will be received at Fall convocation (Oct.). I have asked Schulich before and know that if I gained admission, I would need a letter by my supervisors to confirm that I am on track to graduate in expected time by June 30. However, what I am wondering is, will I be at any point at a disadvantage or decreased chance of acceptance for not having my program completed till August? Any input would be appreciated!
  2. Hey guys, so I have 2 solid LORs from my research supervisor and the CEO of a physiotherapy clinic at which I volunteered. I am having a bit of trouble finding someone else who I believe can be a good reference. Someone I have in mind is a coach I have for a small cricket league that plays other local teams and stuff (ie. its not something that gets much attention or funding or anything. Mostly just recreational stuff). He has known me for more than 10 years, and can definitely attest to my character. I don't know if it matters for me to use someone like that, as he won't have a letterhead or any sort of position in a company if you will. I am trying to apply to the med schools in Ontario and was wondering if someone can chime in on this. Also, can someone guide me towards other options and who I should contact as my third referee? I am coming up with nothing atm as I already have a prof and a volunteer reference. Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. Hi, For UBC grade entry, are what do we put for the grades of classes we are taking this year?
  4. Hi guys! So to get straight to the point: I've never become buddy buddy or best friends with a prof. Sure there's profs I've sat near the front for or talked to a bunch of times after class, or had convo with them in a lab setting etc. But I don't think there's any profs that will have remembered me fully by name or have amazing things to say about things I've done. However, for a lab course, there is a TA that supervised two of my research projects in the course and I had a great relationship with. With the prof, I've known her for 2 years but I fear the letter would be very general (with maybe a few specific points), if they're writing many med school letters (which they likely are) I doubt I am the person they most want to succeed. With the TA, I think the letter would be more specific and hopefully more positive as I believe she genuinely liked me and we were friends in the lab course, but I've known only her half a year and they're a masters student. So, What's the say about having a TA as your academic reference rather than a prof? Pros/Cons? Which should I go with?
  5. I have to provide 3 references for OMSAS and I have 4 to choose from: 1. A professor I published a paper with, over 2 weeks of 12-hour days of field and lab research in undergrad, who likes me but had admittedly little face to face time. Fish physiological research, 3rd author. 2. My volunteer coordinator at the local hospital, 140 hours, 2 years, just loves me, and has very high praise from the head nurses of the wards I've volunteered in. 3. A program coordinator and technician who teaches an entomology field research course I attended. Field research, 2 weeks, 2 other courses with him. Easily my #1 fan, would be a spectacular reference with high praise, but not a professor. 4. My graduate thesis supervisor. Medical science, diabetes and atherosclerosis. Just an amazing guy but I don't think he likes me very much. Its been an unusually hard year, I've struggled with family issues, anxiety and depression and as a result I've performed uncharacteristically poorly. Missing days without notice, coming in late, slow pace of research. He has every right to be annoyed. The lab, colleagues and supervisor have all been spectacular, but I've just really struggled to make a good impression with everything going on. I've spoken to him several times to check in and while he was pleased with my progress until recently, in the last two months he's seemed pretty frustrated. I've proactively apologized for missing days but haven't told him about the anxiety and depression. Anyway, TLDR: my supervisor and I have a complicated relationship. Would it be better to use references 1,2, and 3? Would it hurt if I didn't include him? (I know UofT required him as a reference, but I'm asking mostly for other schools)
  6. Hi! So I'm applying to OttawaU and OttawaU only this year. I haven't written the MCAT and I'm a third year only, but it's my hometown and I kinda miss it I alsooo have a 4.0 GPA in Neuroscience, at McGill. My extracurriculars are pretty standard, more focus on research than clubs, so I was wondering... Will a good GPA be enough to get me to an interview? P.S. if you're a third year applying to OttawaU this year come forward!
  7. Hi pre-med and pre-dental students, First of all, I'd like to congratulate you. If you're seeing this post, that means you're doing your best in taking steps to achieve your goal. Yes, it is extremely useful to have someone who already gone through the process to help you. This is why I'm here: I would like to help you with your application, CV, letter of intent, interview (traditional or MMI), and CASPer. My background: I'm a medical student in Quebec. I was also a dental student for the past 5 years. I'm actually a dentist now, but I'm not practicing dentistry because I'm attending a medical school. I have a lot of experience in MMI, CV and letter of intent because of my previous application experience. I was also in the admission committee when I was a 3rd-year student. I have read many premeds' letters, CV, and practice MMI with them. For the interviews (MMI and traditional), I usually spend the first 20-30 min giving my students some tips/tricks that they need to know (including different type of stations + systematic approach to deal with differents types of scenarios). And then we practice with mock interviews. At the end of each scenario, I give them my evaluation (there are specific criteria) and feedback/suggestions. I'm bilingual (English and French). I've already helped a few premed students, and I always have a lot of pleasure doing this service. I usually do Skype with my students, however I'm open to other alternatives. I only charge 45$ (Canadian) per hour. PM me here, or send me an email: dr.wu.dmd.md@outlook.com Best luck for your future endeavours. Dr. Wu, DMD, MD Candidate
  8. Hey all! The person I was hoping to get my character reference from was asking like what kind of things are expected, or if I could give him some sort of outline as to what areas need to be talked about. And I was wondering, what exactly is stuff you should include for a successful character reference letter? Is there anything they look for or like 'key words' to add in? Any info would be helpful! i.e. formatting the letter, what areas he should discuss, specific characteristics or things to include, etc.??
  9. Hey all! The person I was hoping to get my character reference from was asking like what kind of things are expected, or if I could give him some sort of outline as to what areas need to be talked about. And I was wondering, what exactly is stuff you should include for a successful character reference letter? Is there anything they look for or like 'key words' to add in? Any info would be helpful! i.e. formatting the letter, what areas he should discuss, specific characteristics or things to include, etc.??
  10. Hey everyone! I'm currently going into my fourth year with a cGPA of 3.60 mostly due to some fuckups in first year and second year 1st sem. (1st year: 3.44, 2nd year: 3.39: 3rd year: 3.97). I feel strong going into 4th year and can hopefully maintain similar GPA to my third year. My MCAT is 518 (130 ChemPhysics/128 CARS/129 Bio/131 Psych). And for extracurriculars, I've got hospital volunteering, research since May this summer (and hopefully working towards an authored publication this coming year!), a bunch of leadership roles, cultural clubs VP, part-time work experience, etc. I am planning on applying by this October for the 2018 cycle. However, I was wondering in terms of boosting my application for maybe next year (if we're being realistic), I was wondering what the best option would be: a 5th year or maybe a one year masters? Anyone have any successful experience with this? Also, if anyone has any general advice for areas like my EC or other ways to improve myself, that would be definitely welcome!!!
  11. Hello, I'm thinking of signing up with either Kaplan or TPR to help me with my application process and interview process. I made the mistake of just taking a prep course with Kaplan without doing my research on which would be the best company to go with for MCAT prep so I don't want to repeat my mistake. Has anyone done the application help services with either company, or another company? Would you say it was worth the 1.5K? Were they helpful at all? Are there any guarantees? Which company would you recommend if not Kaplan or TPR or Prep101? Thanks! Dee
  12. A lot of prep companies advertise services to review your applications for med school. Typically, the price that these companies charge for a 1 hour session can run above $100. However, the service that I'm offering to review + help brainstorm your application for medical school is much more reasonably priced. For only $50/hr, which is half (or even less than half) of the typical price you can expect to pay for a typical application review, you can have an experienced applicant evaluate your application and tailor feedback according to your profile. My qualifications: 4/6 interviews last cycle (the 2 pre-interview rejections were because I was OOP) + 6 schools applied to this year (in ON and out of province), 6/6 interviews. I can help with your essays for U of T, with the CASPER for Ottawa and Mac, and with the ABS for all of Ontario. With my extensive knowledge of the medical school application process and insight into what makes a successful application, I can provide invaluable advice to improve your application and help you realize your dream of becoming a physician! Contact me (by PM) now to get started! I understand that money might still be an issue, so I will make the first session a free 30-minute trial run, so if you don't like me after 30 minutes, you don't have to pay anything! If you do like me after 30 minutes, you get $25 off (i.e. you only start paying after the first half hour)!
  13. Hey guys, UBC Applications open on June 14th this year!! So soon! I had heard from a relative that there were a number of people who did a lot better on their file review scores from UBC (and managed to get acceptances) and had worked as a group on their applications. This makes sense to me, since the application is LONG, and not that exciting to re-read a million times, so it would definitely help to have a couple pairs of eyes for editing. As well, it is always valuable to have other people to bounce wording off of, so you can have an idea of how you've written about your activities and experiences comes off in writing! If you are interested in getting together to work on/edit applications, reply below or PM me! EDIT: This is open to people outside of Victoria as well, we can correspond as a group online. UPDATE: Hi guys, so I have reached a maximum number of people for this group in order for it to be a manageable size. Thanks for your interest! If you would all like to message each other perhaps I'm sure you would be able to do the same thing together!
  14. Hi, Apologies in advance for the long post. I'm super confused about what to do and don't know anyone IRL who can help. As the title suggests, I'm currently considering a few options for my application into med school. Here are my stats: UofT - 3.7 OMSAS cGPA, 3.85 Omsas cGPA last 2 years. MCAT:: 130/129/131/128 total= 518 Some Major EC: 2 hospital volunteers (2 years), 5 labs (1 year each), 1 Thesis ( worried about this as my mark was an 83, average for course was 85 - prof is a dick), and 2 publications. 2 bs clubs. Course load was not full, and I don't have prereqs like biochem. As you can see, my GPA is low, and my MCAT scores aren't high, so I didn't apply in September 2016. Current options: - I got into a Master's at UofT in CSB, so I could apply after doing this Master's. But, while in my CSB Master's I can also do the following and switch to 'better' master's programs: - applying to a PA (Phys assist) program, doing 2 years if I get in, and then applying to Med after - applying to a clinical Psych master's, and then applying to med after The reason why I wanna switch from my CSB master's into these is because they offer jobs if I fail to get into med. - I also have an offer for a Master's at LMP at UofT as well, but they need me to do some prereqs before I start but offer 1 more possible publication than my current CSB one, and its more clinical based. This would also waste another year but is a 'better' Master's. So essentially, my series of questions are: 1.) The classic question that triggers everyone: With a Master's from CSB, and my current stats, does it look like I have a shot at UofT med or Western? 2.) The ungrateful question: Would it be beneficial to spend the extra semester (and waste another year) to do the prereqs for the LMP master's at UofT and get better, more clinical based publications? 3.) Anticipating failure question: Would being in a clinical master's like Cpsych or PA be beneficial for applying because I could fall back on a usable degree and have more clinical experience for my med school app? Thanks in advance =D, and again apologies if this was long or if my questions are stupid.
  15. Hey all, I am hoping to apply this following cycle but am just curious about what constitutes a publication. I am currently doing some work with a Neurological Association where I am writing articles for them which they post on their website. I am curious whether or not this is considered a publication or not. Can you also just briefly describe to me what a publication would be. Thanks so much in advance and congrats to everyone who just found their acceptance
  16. IMHO, I have an incredible life journey and whoever I tell my experiences to, they're almost always impressed by the variety. I had thought my Top 10 would be way above average in pre-interview, but I just received my scores and all of them were below <100. Even though I didn't receive an interview invitation, I still felt fine because I guessed my R1-R7 score was probably high, and the application might be weak in another category. I'm devastated and demoralized because I was hoping that my R1-R7 would make-up for my, relatively, low GPA. Please, you guys, can anyone help me in checking my Top 10 this year. I call out to any current uCalgary med students; would really appreciate your time. I followed everyone's advice and made sure to mention all the R1-R7 within each experience. I honestly don't know where I went wrong. P.S. I'm IP.
  17. Hi everyone! Um for starters this is a tad embarrassing for me so please hold your judgement until reading all the way through. I am looking for an objective opinion on how medical schools would view and extreme upward trend and odd circumstantial stuff. I started university in 2014 and literally did not get one credit my first two years due to crippling health issues and seriously weird family stuff. I know it's absurd and such a waste, however I can surely say I was not in a sound mind at the time. Needless to say, I was released from my program. Fast forward to now, I'm a non-degree student on track to be admitted into a B.Sc by the end of the year. I received some medical treatment and honestly can say I don't even recognize my self - I'm pulling 80s and 90s in the courses I'm taking and am more organized and generally better at life than I have ever been. Here's the catch: Even though I'm going into another program, the first failed attempt will still be on my transcript. I'm going to be overloading and essentially completing a full degree in 2.5 years (grad fall 2019) as I don't want to be in my undergrad any longer than that lol. If med schools see this ridiculous overload and upward trend, do you think they'd be willing to accept me? Even with my awful first stab? I'm incredibly involved on campus and a very well known leader with school admin and students, and I've accomplished some awesome things in my extra-curriculars. Also - I tried going for an academic appeal (where the schools basically erases your bad marks bc of health) however it isn't being decided on by the committee until September, and the policy is that ALL course must be erased, so the fantastic marks I earned this semester would be erased, so not sure if I want to go through with it. Thank you for reading my long winded and weird situation, any input would be greatly appreciated! Happy Easter xo
  18. Hey there, Quick overview: - 4th year UG - cGPA 3.90, wGPA higher at a few schools - Diverse ECs with quite a few long-term (5+ years) commitments - Had a lot of great feedback on my essays (I got them reviewed by 4 profs) & felt pretty good about CASPER - Applied to Toronto, Queen's, McMaster, Ottawa, Calgary - No interviews this round, looking to reapply next year My MCAT scores (129/128/127/130) were ok, but I'm wondering if it would be worth it to re-write to try and boost CARS? Finances are super tight right now, so I don't want to waste the money unless it'll really make a difference / give me a shot at some more schools. Any thoughts?
  19. Hello, I am trying to apply UBC dentistry for 2018 admission this year. But as I haven't taken two prerequisites, I will apply first and just present them proof of the registration for the two prerequisites. I heard UBC dentistry does not do rolling admission. However, I'm still concerned that if incomplete transcripts may cause much disadvantages in terms of admission as my stats are not that outstanding. SO, my second plan is finishing all the courses during the summer, and then apply with the complete transcripts ready. Any advice would be appreciated!
  20. Hi Everyone! I am a current year 1 student OT, and I know how stressful application/interviews are! I can do my best to answer any general questions you may have about the process and more importantly the program/what to expect! I am at McMaster so keep in mind mind that this program is quite different than some of the others Good luck everyone!
  21. Hi! I recently made the decision to aim for medicine, and am currently completing my 2nd year undergrad in sciences at UBC. I was just looking through the timeline for UBC's med school application - and let out a gasp of slight horror when I realised that for getting into med school the september following the end of fourth year, the application process is more or less completed by the time your fourth year grades are out - so how can these grades be anticipated in the application process? I'd like some confirmation if I'm interpreting this correctly: A med school student who gets accepted after 3rd year in fact went through the application with only their grades from years 1 and 2, and an applicant who gets accepted after 4th year got accepted through the application with only their first three years of GPA? (And as such, their aGPA that they would have at the end of summer is never considered?) This is a major buzzkill for me, as I did poorly in first year (76%) and while I've been lifting my average up right now (with 90%s, more focused, motivated, aware, etc.), when I apply in my fourth year, getting that first year dropped isn't possible? (I'd have to wait for the following year's application cycle... doing a year of who knows what)
  22. Hey guys, Wondering if I have any chances for McMaster; GPA = 3.83 4th year MCAT CARS - verbal = 125 Is there any chance for me? Does anyone know anybody who got in with those scores? I think I can do fairly well in the CASPer section, do you think I would at least be able to get an interview if I do well on the CASPer? Thanks
  23. Hi everyone, I had a question about the general questions section on the UBC Dentistry application. The last question states the following: "Please provide any other information you feel is relevant to your application (optional)." I was wondering if we are supposed to fill in this question with a statement of interest to the program, as it does not specifically say not to do that anywhere on the application form. However, it is a vague statement, so I am not too sure if this is required. I also had one other question regarding the application. For pre-requisite courses in biology, my program does not allow me to take a course that specifically focuses on evolution and ecology. Has anyone ran into this in the past/know if this is alright? I emailed their admissions office but have not heard back. Thanks.
  24. Hey guys, wondering if I have any chance/shot at all with my scores. last 2 year GPA - also my best = 3.95; cumulative gpa = 3.83 MCAT = 122/125/121/124 ;;;; Ya, I know they are pretty low; will have to re-write if I get nothing at all. EC's pretty good I think; 1 publication on the way, good leadership, etc... Do you think that I at least have a chance for the MCAT cutoff? Will they just outright reject me with my low MCAT score, and not look at the rest of my application? Thanks
  25. Hey so I've been thinking about my application profile and I'm not sure what to think of it. Has anyone in this forum experienced/known of the following situation and can enlighten me about it? So I am currently enrolled in a PharmD pharmacy program. I have completed my MCAT and my GPA is in good standing as well as my extra-curricular. However, I realized upon entering the PharmD program I have only barely completed 15 undergraduate (specifically towards a bachelor degree, as per required by all the Ontario universities) which is inclusive of lab credits. Thus, technically I have not taken my second term of my third year and don't have as many third year credits as most applicants. Since PharmD course credits don't count towards the credit count, i will only have 15 undergraduate course credits from here on out. So here's some questions: -Can anyone comment on transferring to a Med program from a Pharmacy Program prior to completion? If so, how many undergraduate course credits? -Even if i'm eligible for my first application cycle, how about subsequent years i.e. my 4th/5th year in post secondary studies? Will I be eligible even if my credit count has not progressed pass 15? -Is there any separate system or undergraduate professional program (i.e. Law, Dentistry etc) because they're technically not graduate nor undergraduate. -Are things looking grim? Thanks for hearing me out
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